traumatic harmony
the pataphysical study of randomized sound

yesterday's show was strange. it was the first under my new title, "Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds." I've also started a web site for past playlists. it is I got really tired about 2/3rds of the way through and things just kinda fell apart. oh well. shit happens. now for the playlist. notes at the end.

Playlist for Wednesday, August 28, 2002 10pm-1am

Background: various--surf monsters--del-fi

c-Daniel Lentz--You Can’t See the Forest…Music--Cold Blue--Cold Blue
c-artist unknown--King Cotton--Stereo Spectacular
c-Cookie Monster--C is for Cookie--Bert and Ernie’s Sing Along--Sesame Street
Tom Waits--Misery is the River of the World--Blood Money--Anti

c-Jackie and Soul Benders--Ram Jam--Musical Fever--Trojan
n-Mali Music--4 Am and Toumanie--s/t--Astralwerks
Purple Ivy Shadows--Cascade--EP 7”--My Pal God
n-Cindy Cox--Delicate, Fragile--Columba Aspexit: Chamber Works of Cindy Cox--CRI
George Lewis and His New Orleans Stompers--Dauphine St Blues--Volume 1--Blue Note
(The Real) Tuesday Weld--Terminally Ambivalent--When Psyche Meets Cupid--Kindercore

Fish and Roses--Monks Hate You--Fish and Roses’ Friar Tuck Record 7”
Brother JT and Vibrolux--song title unknown--Doomsday Rock
n-Die Todliche Doris--Kavaliere--Nursery Rhymes for True Fools of the Grail
Desperate Bicycles--Trendy Feelings--The Commercial Venture
The Hentchmen--Naked Sister--Motorvatin’
n-The Raymond Scott Orchestrette--Oil Gusher--Pushbutton Parfait--Evolver
Gyorgy Ligeti--Capricio no 1--Keyboard Works--Sony Classics
Flaherty/Colbourne--Piece 4--Ottowa
c-Butthole Surfers--Boiled Dove--Smack My Crack

Marianne Nowottny--Little Harem Girl--Afraid of Me
n-John Schnall--More Than Just a Girl + Einstein on the Beach--More Songs from Midnight Matinee--s/r
n-Cato Salsa Experience--Deadbeat--A Good Tip for a Good Time
n-McClusky--No New Wave No Fun--McClusky Do Dallas
Nicodemis with Gravitar--Side A--It’s an Idiot’s Life
Political Asylum--I’ve Got a Name--How the West Was Won 10”
Greyhouse--Stuff--Revolution By Numbers 7”

n-DSP--Where It Is--In the Red
c-dROME--Millbrook--Disolve: A Work in Progress Compilation
n-Thai Elephant Orchestra--rainforest--s/t
c-Musicians of Desa Sater--Tari Busur Panah--Music of Malaka
n-Winfred E. Eye--Riding the Rain--A Bottle, a Dog, Some Milk, a Bottle
Vance Orchestra--Hot Water Music--7”

Allen Ginsburg--The Lion for Real--The Lion for Real--Island
r-Persons--Untitled 2--The Lainmeyer are Persons
n-Ass Baboons of Venus--Naked Lady Wrestler--Phucket ala Bum Bum--Bulb
c-Eclectics--When I was Young--Iowa Compilation
Taluah Gosh--Don’t Go Away--Backwash--K
n,c--Enemy Me--Quarentine--Feeding of the Proles
Paul Lansky--Her Song--Fantasies and Tableaux--CRI

Gerry Hemingway--Tyrolienne--Acoustic Solo Works 1983-94
Farmers Market--Explorers_We

-I have been wanting to compare cookie monster and tom waits for a while and finally had the chance to at the beginning of my show
-playing the Mali Music left me feeling strangely dirty. I was curious, but I didn't like it very much
-the cold blue comp is quite good. can't wait to add it
-when I played the Purple Ivy Shadows, jon solomon called me up asking me why I was playing it. apparently it is my pal god number 1
-finds of the day: Greyhouse, fish and roses, brother jt and vibrolux, and Die Todliche Doris.

Playlist for Dan for August 21, 2002 from 1-4 pm (I switched with Alex Wood because of his last show)

Background: various--ace story vol. 1

The ruins--brixön varrömíks--hyderomastgroningem

Ghost--forthcoming from the inside--second time around
ufo or die--zombie tube--7"
r-air-kelly watch the stars--moon safari
mick Collins--malted milk--mick Collins/lorette split 7"
r-teen generate--hey baby--get action
n-hot snakes--I hate the kids--suicide invoice
n-the miss--reflex--no radio
slotek--born god--7

fuzzhead--it's after the end of the world--el Saturn
n,c--franco Caruso--u commissariu--la muica di mafia
n-gunshy--only--to remember to forget
david Thomas and the pedestrians--the new atom mine--sound of the sand and other songs of the pedestrians
amon duul ii--archangel's thunderbird--yeti
frodus--invisible time lines--conglomerate international
c-scrog--hands hide sun--music for the proletariat
n-pixies--break my body--s/t

the creepers--sweet retreat--rock'n'roll liquorice flavor
devo--stop look and listen--hardcore devo vol 1
n-liars--mr you on fire mr--they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top
slush puppies--lost at ten--blacklisted 2x7"
n-numbers--goin' insane--erase errata/numbers split 3"
big flame--sargasso--two can guru 10"
gerry hemingway--trance track--acoustic solo works 1983-94
throbbing gristle--hamburger lady--doa the third and final report of…
unfolkus--cows in the belly--s/t
n,c-artist unknown--zikr--silk road: a musical caravan
vvv--incredible criminals--endless
dj food--the riff--kaleidoscope

the walkmen--wake up--s/t
meat puppets--good golly miss molly--out my way
n-american analog set--these days--updates

c-chris biester--coolville--I stayed up all night listening to music
c-monochrome set--jet set junta--ambition vol. 1 and 2
c-vulcans--star trek--trojan's greatest hits vol 3
n-rotten apples--love career--real-tuff

n-iannis xenakis/zbigniew karkowski--doing by not doing--persepolis/remixes

-long sets in the first 2 hours, short sets in the last hour b/c of ppsas, ticket give aways, and concert callander
-find of the day:unfolkus, big flame, dj food
-the gerry hemingway completely changed the mood of the show, at least for the rest of that set.
-the silk road comp is perhaps the most versitile thing in new emph; it can segue from anything to anything.
-mafia music rocks!


Playlist for august 19, 2002 from 10:30-1:00 am (sub)

Background: the Raymond scott orchestrette--pushbutton parfait

n-steve lantner trio--jangle--saying so

c-wilde things--my life is black--crude pa vol. 2
r-einsturzende neubauten--alles--silence is sexy
otha turner and the afromississippi all stars--station blues--from Senegal to sentobia
the dirtbombs--vixens in space--horndog fest
cheater slicks--everybody knows one--forgive thee
thee headcoats--salty dog--hendrix wasn't the only musician
kim salmon and the surrealists--gravity--sin factory
black Sabbath--children of the grave--master of reality
n-iannis xenakis/construction kit--glithé--persopolis/remixes

jandeck--alehous blues--one foot in the north
n-jason loewenstein--codes--at sixes and sevens
n-gloryholes--screamer--knock you up
n-hella--brown metal--hold your horse is
n-an albatross--I've lived the good life--s/t
boredoms--52 boredom(club mix)--soul discharge
total--drainage angels flare--exploded star sad servant
god is my copilot--hey churla--when this you see remember me
bored games--happy endings--who killed colonel mustard
n-mudhoney--inside job--since we've become translucent
cannanes--take me to the hotel Joanna--a love affair with nature

mr lif--phantom--12"
n-dälek--forever close my eyes--from filth tongue of gods and griots
third bass--word to the third--derelict of dialect
techno animal--classical homicide (remix)--techno animal vs dälek 12"
roots--it just don't stop--iladelph halflife
n,c-ish--I gonna sell--crooked: the soundtrack
n,r-el-p--lazerfaces warning--fantastic damage
de la soul--title unknown (1:1)--3 feet high and rising
dialated peoples--target practice--college radio ep
mc lyte--cha cha cha--the very best of…

n-mc tracheotomy--vast expanse,--w/ love from tahiti

Playlist for August 14, 2002, 10pm-1am

Background: the concord string quartet—the avant-garde string quartet in the usa

c-El Domingo-‘ndrangheta, camusso e mafia—la musica della mafia
paul hindemith-sonata for viola opus 25 no 1 movement 4—sonatas for solo viola

n-am radio—twenty-seven—s/t ep
certain general—strange fruit—introduction to war
hot snakes—salton city—automatic midnight
national heros—ultra scenic route—once around the sun ep
blue meanies—smother me—10”

kicking giant—the way you are—halo
n-carolyn mark and the roommates—fuzzy slippers—terrible hostess
c-palace brothers—don’t I look good today—louisville sluggers 3
n,c-bill laswell—zen’s theme—crooked: the original score
n-clarinet trio two—blue trees and related objects—translucent tones
c-clamp—bats—meander and return
buckminster fuzeboard—unique activation—how to make c60 br 24 in under an hour
Johnny cash—I see a darkness—american III: solitary man

n-twelve hour turn—dance like everyone’s watching—perfect progress, perfect destruction
n-severed heads of state—sacrifice—no lost love ep
c-honor role—lines of the saints no. 135—human music
the urinals—I’m a bug—negative capability…check it out!
Lydia lunch—atomic bongos—queen of siam
c-quintron—9-4-9—US pop life vol 12
Jurassic 5—jurass finish first—quality control
c—charles iwegbue and his archibogs—ifemelun—azagas and archibogs
potholder—french I—7”

n-subtonix—into the fire—tarantism
lost sounds—heart felt toys—black-wave
n-automation—hey hey hey hey—clarions and banners
n-the yeah—come on lets go!—s/t
n-touchdown—blynken—orthrelm/touchdown split
hunger farm—regret—7”
question mark and the mysterions—cheree—more action
n-machine gun tv—baby destroyer—7”

the rub—I’m in love—bikini gospel
n-makale—dunya’olaki hal—kingztanbul
iannis xenakis—peaux—pleiades
drive like jehu—here come the rome plows—yank crime
the lothars—the trot—oscillate my metallic sonatas

magic Carpathians project—jojk urdege wierchu/urdy wierchi joik--ethnocore

-that azagas and archibogs comp is hot! it's in the world section under nigeria. find it. play it!
-carolyn mark and the yeah are both highly disappointing.
-that subtonix record is perhaps my favorite rock record of the past month
-blue meanies was the strangest ska-type thing I have ever heard.
-next week I will be doing my show from 1-4 pm because alex will be doing his last show from 10pm until he decides to quit

today was so much better than last week. I think there was something in the air last week that led to mucho suckage. notes at the end.

Playlist for Wednesday, August 7, 2002, 10pm-1am

Background: terry riley-descending moonshine dervishes

r,c-the creation—making time—nuggets vol. 2 no. 1
r-tom waits—I hope that I don’t fall in love with you—closing time
jegog of negara—gopala—s/t

n-subtonix—ashtray girl—tarantism
erase errata—belly mummy—other animals
Susie Ibarra—a glimpse—radience
Hello I’m a truck—bad bad poisonous alien love—7”
Volume dealers—brand new sun—puzzle of epochs
n-bis—the end starts today—plastique nouveau
exene cervenka—woman of the year—wordcore vol. 7 7”

n-the gossip—ain’t it the truth—arkansas heat
the gizmos—that’s cool(I respect you more)—1976-77
n,r-an albatross—I live the good life—s/t
r-the microphones—my roots are strong and deep—the glow pt. 2
c-tsehayha beraki—medjemerya feqrey—ethiopiques
louis Armstrong—droppin’ shucks—the hot fives
a handful of dust—oration on the dignity of man—now, gods, stand up for bastards

the clash—armagideon time—black market clash
vitreus humor—why are you so mean to me—vitreus humor/boys life split 7”
n-bardo pond—swig—dilate
n,c—calvin Johnson and mark pickerel—sand—total lee! The songs of lee hazlewood
Gibson brothers—the sperm count—dedicated fool
The revelators—crowded—7” (crypt)

n-hella—brown metal—hold your horse is
n-dälek—speaks volumes—from filthy tongue of gods and griots
n-flying luttenbachers—infektion—infection and decline
the hal al shedad—walking blind dancing—s/t
daisuke tobari—untitled (track 2)—till the end of the dream
n,c—steele beauttah and the limit—what’s that sound—afro rock vol. 2 sampler 7”
c-continentals—don’t do it baby—golden groups part 19: best of “jay dee” records
matmos—tonight, the end—the west
him—persistent life—our point of departure

n-ttc—nonscience—ceci n’est pas un disque
radio 4—(no more room for) communication—the new song and dance
mars—nn end—78+
nomeansno—try not to stutter—mama
simple ones—watch this sucker (come lets go)—worth the weight
skunk—(there’ll be other girls) hoss—last American virgins

smokey robinson—way over there--anthology

-the creation and tom waits were requests left over from jon's show.
-erase errata is far superior to subtonix, though subtonix is still good.
-matmos was the surpise of the day-that track is damn good
-I got more calls today than I have in a while. some guy wanted to hear a song that I"d played 2 weeks ago, but didn't know the band or title.
-old jazz and motown type things are always fun. I wanted to play more free jazz, but I ran out of time.
-I definitely prefer having someone after me. shutting down the station is just weird.

Playlist for July 31, 2002, 10-1

Background-kraftwerk—computer world

Comets on fire—beneath the ice age—field recordings from the sun
Ax—metal forest—nova feedback

n,c-atv—how much longer—the very best of punk and disorderly
Rocket from the tombs—ain’t it fun—the day the earth met…
Muslimgauze—afghan black—zul’m
n-dalek—hold tight—from filthy tongue of gods and griots
bunny brains—I’m obsessed with my looks—sin gulls
johhny peebucks and the swinging utters—proven song—10”
descendents—I’m the one—everything sucks

morphine—you look like rain—bootleg Detroit
the jam—down the tube station at midnight—all mod cons
uberhund—cheap and dreary pt 1—inexpensively embalmed
n-weird war—fn grass—s/t
fells-dig in—fells/rancid hell split 7”
n-orthrelm—low pressure system—orthrelm/touchdown split cd
fat boys—crushin’—crushin’
soul junk—ungst func slag collision—1957
r-laddio bolocko—laddio’s money(death of a pop song)—in real time
n-skeleton key—the barker of the dupes—obtainium

n-sun ra—side 2—strange strings
public enemy—you’re gonna get yours—yo! Bum rush the show
n-mary timmony—look a ghost in the eye—golden dove
n-dave van ronk—rocks and gravel—two sides of…
n-sparkles—taint with cinnamon—all the lads are gonna fuck you up
Liechtenstein girl—circus exhibit—7”
Old time relijun—archaeopteryx claw—uterus and fire
Small-empty room—cakes ep
c-flipper—sacrifice—not so quiet on the western front
n-mc tracheotomy—long to hold you—w/ love from Tahiti

1985—cosmo children—nerve eighty
n-ass baboons of venus—nipple rocket revenge—phuket al a bum bum
john zorn—carny—angelus novus
r-peacocks—kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty—peacock party
misfits—astro zombies—walk among us

Derek Bailey, Pat Metheny, Gregg Bendian, Paul Wertico—Ransom—the sign of 4

-the dalek is great. can't wait for the fall show!
-orthrelm can in fact be sung along to
-I"ve been toying with playing the fat boys for the past month or so and finally found a way to do it today
-new old stuff of the day: rocket from the tombs, public enemy, muslimgauze, john zorn

An hour and a half on sonic youth isn't even enough to scratch the surface. so I just covered a wide variety of non-album stuff of theirs. the first set was all non-album tracks, the second was all covers, the third was collaborations and solo works, and the fourth was live stuff. I had so much fun with this.

Sonic Youth Spotlight, Saturday, July 27, 2002, 1:30-3

(the last song in each set was my background for talking)

Sonic Youth-Silver Rocket-Daydream Nation

Sonic Youth-I don’t want to push it-s/t
c-sonic youth-come and smash me said the boy with the magic penis-nothing short of total war
sonic youth-silver breeze/silver son-the silver sessions
sonic youth-tremens-syr1
sonic youth w/ yamatsuka eye-no song 2 #3-tv shit ep
lee ranaldo-from here to infinity

c-thurston moore-shit you hear at parties-our band could be your life
sonic youth-psycho mafia-4 tunna brix
sonic youth-personality crisis-7”
ciccone youth-into the groovey-whitey album
c-sonic youth-computer age-the bridge: a tribute to neil young
c-sonic youth-spoon-sacrilege
glenn branca-symphony no. 1-symphony no.1

the ex-tightly stretched-smoggers and joggers
William s. burroughs-dr. benway’s house-dead city radio
Lee ranaldo-the bridge-east jesus
Jad fair and Kramer-king kong-roll out the barrel
c-thurston moore-blues for spacegirl-guitarrorists
c-kim Gordon-kitten-guitarrorists
kim Gordon, dj olive, ikue mori-what do you want?-syr5
c-lee ranaldo-here-guitarrorists

sonic youth-shaking hell-kill yr idols
sonic youth-sonic death

Playlist for July 24, 2002 10pm-1am

Background-burning spear—the fittest of the fittest

b-52s—52 girls—s/t
orquestra reve—suave suave—suave suave+3
scared of chaka—bad looks—masonic youth
huggy bear—t-shirt tucked in—bikini kill/huggy bear split 12”
huggy bear—blow dry—bikini kill/huggy bear split 12”
pixies—vamos—surfer rosa
foetus—drying with my boots on—ache
c-antischism—where we stand—fallen on deaf ears
c-contortions—I can’t stand myself—no new york
n,c-velvet haze—last day on earth—for a few fuzz guitars more

n-john schnall—duval irae and the shining—more songs from midnight matinee
n-davey Williams and john Corbett—dim hunger—humdinger
jon rose—heads and tails—the hyperstring project
peter laughner—baby’s on fire—baby’s on fire 7”
xiu xiu—don diasco—knife play
arab on radar—attack on Tijuana—queen hygine II
n-fast forward—in the toilet—s/t
mickey finn—plasterfeet—superball 63/mickey finn split 7”
the feelies—crazy rhythms—crazy rhythms

bonefish sam and his power orchestra—hoorah—fake fun
kid 606—juvenile hall rollcall—down with the scene
n-vincent gallo—drowning in brown—recordings of music for film
n-vincent gallo—a brown loud hollering—recordings of music for film
richard devine—crazy completion sensing—aleamapper
thuja—track 4—the deer lay down their bones
dianogah—the smallest Chilean—millions of brazillians
fish and roses—booth—s/t
n-tom waits—we’re all mad here—alice

n-pixies—I’m ashamed—s/t
n-wolf eyes—burn your house down—dread
alan vega—jaxson gnome—anthology
dead c—world—clymn est mort
pell mell—all things and more—the bumper crop
pony—soft Johnny—2x7”
n-the gossip—arkansas heat—arkansas heat
n-soft machine—moon in june—backwards

c-the kinks—long tall sally—history of british rock vol 3
c-thackeay rocke—bawling—a fistful of fuzz
the balancing act—zig zag wanderer—new campfire songs
c-mission—when thunder comes—eight essential attitudes
c-marc riley—wanted man—a passage in time…a tribute to Johnny cash
dead can dance—cantara—a passage in time

n-l. stinkbug—holiday in flames—the allure of roadside curios

Playlist for July 17, 2002 10pm-1am

Background: soul shots volume 9

Autoclave—I’ll take you down—s/t

Mountain goats—new star song—beautiful rat sunset 10”
Black sun ensemble—golden rays—s/t
r-velvet underground—what goes on—s/t
n,c-al reko and oren tikken—lumber jakki—deeper polka
clem snide—moment in the sun—moment in the sun ep
bitch magnet—polio—star booty

half Japanese—summer nights—hello
prolapse—planned obsolencense—ghosts of dead aeroplanes
dinosaur jr—don’t—bug
sonic youth—I love her all the time—bad moon rising
n-dave van ronk—death letter blues—2 sides of…

luna—california(all the way)—bewitched
otto von schirach—grandfather clock—escalo frio
the lack—an average—s/t
lose—waking to sleep—7”
n-rys chatham—guitar trio—compendium
binary system—smoking mirror—from the epicenter
n-clarinet trio two—collective no. 7—translucent tones

pavement—grave architecture—wowee zowee
n-elf power—the creature part II—creature
n,c-spaceheads—atmo (live)—survive and advance
six cents and Natalie—boyfriends—boyfriends 7”
n-his and her vanities—shazam—s/t

c-scruffy the cat—oldest find in the world—let’s breed
c-the mortals—atomic coctail—the estrus coctail companion
c-peck’s bad boys—crazy world—move it!
c-006—like what, me worry—garage punk unknowns
lungfish—animal man—rainbow for atoms
operation ivy—plea for peace—plea for peace 7”
n-sugar skulls—the waking hour—the waking hour
n-shy child—electro college—please consider our time

c-thee headcoats—the rise and fall of doubles—jackie chan does kung fu
n-runner—don’t be afraid—the goods
jad fair and Kramer—california—roll out the barrel
steve reich—electric guitar phase—triple quartet

n-marshmallow coast—so-and-so’s with emeralds in the sky—ride the lightning


Playlist for July 10, 2002 10pm-1am

Background: funkadelic then parliament

n-george abdo and his flames of araby orchestra—raks mustapha—belly dance! the best of…

uzema kazutoki and tom cora—second act part 1—abandon all improvisation
birdsongs of the mesazoic—shiny golden—s/t
n-cul de sac—flying music from faust—immortality lessons
mc tracheotomy—ekg—w/ love from Tahiti
n-the rapture—house of jealous lovers—12”
n-rumah sakit—sausage full of secrets—obscured by clowns
n-speedking—trans/resistr now—the fist and the laurels

the blow up—robots yes. Androids no—true noise
n-flying luttenbachers—into the vastness of stupidity—infection and decline
the dishes—fishnets—1-2
erase errata—marathon—other animals
lightning bolt—ride the skies—ride the skies
converge—when forever comes crashing—when forever comes crashing
melt banana—spathic—charlie
melt banana—taen taen taen—charlie

cancer conspiracy—loft complication—the audio media
French kicks—arena—s/t ep
n-blood brothers—new york slave—march on electric children
shellac—squirrel song—1000 hurts

n-party of helicopters—+8 sack of fear—space…and how sweet it was
dalek—classical homicide—dalek/techno animal split 12”
dj spooky—dialectic transformation III Peace in Rwanda Mix (with Thurston moore)—sublminial minded

yeah yeah yeahs—bang—s/t
celibate rifles—back in the red—kiss kiss bang bang
n-severed heads of state—no lost love—no lost love ep
fudge—girlwish—girlwish 7”
modest mouse—lounge—this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about
r-aphex twin—nannou—windowlicker ep
n,r,c—mice parade—galileo—music for listening to
n-japancakes—and begun—belmondo

Daniel Johnson and yo la tengo—speeding motorcycle—speeding motorcycle 7”
n-gogol bordello—passport—voi-la intruder
mr velocity hopkins—sad wings of destiny—s/t
mr velocity Hopkins—exacerbate yourself—s/t
the screws—the storm—shake your monkey
the dirtbombs—chains of love—ultraglide in black
garden variety—sticker—knocking the skill level

sturmischer himmel—show maa show—anima(sound)

--todays show featured my take on the more than music festival. everyone from the blow up to dj spooky played the festival
--I have to say that I really like the speedking record. I listened to most of it today and it's damn good.
--the george abdo was a fun way to start things off
--I think that dalek might be my favorite local hiphop group. the song of theirs today was brutal but enjoyable. I can't wait for their new record
--the aphex twin was a compromise after this one girl called like 4 times-she wanted electronic stuff that we just don't have

Playlist for Wednesday, july 3, 2002 10pm-1am

Background: philip glass

n-augustus Pablo—chant to king selassie—east of the nile river

ton de leeuw-priere—choral works
mr quintron—i.f.(m.o.b)—i.f. 001-011
text—requiem for Ernst-hugo—s/t
n-grief—I won’t come back—…and man will become haunted
bad brains—how low can a punk get?—black dot

the dishes—burnin up—s/t
karl Hendrix trio—some girls like cigarettes—10”
zen guerrilla—slip knot—invisible liftee pad
n-gary Wilson—groovy girls make love at the beach—you think you really know me

c-the rockin ramrods—she lied—pebbles vol.8
c-starlites—I can’t see you—genre non-specific
c-jerry and the others—don’t cry to me—back from the grave vol.3
n-volumizer—two words—gaga for gigi
c-greenhorn—shell—cowtown vol.1
n-any moor and kaffe matthews—here is your con—locks
roots manuva—join the dots—12”
c-ghost sonata—in the house—hotel Cleveland
n,c-james kochalka superstar with the zambonis—hockey monky—greasy kids stuff

n-an albatross—the great sarcophagus—s/t
n-the machine gun tv—galaxed—7”
n-the means—heartheartheart—vil/viol
ass baboons of venus—nipple rocket revenge—phucket ala bum bum
the haters—bebas—in the shade of fire
can—paper house—tago mago
r-tortoise—swing from the gutters—tnt

einsturzende neubauten—hospital istische kinde/engel der vernichtung—drawing of a patient ot
n-the ruins—cambodia—1986-1992
n-the blood brothers—kiss of the octopus—march on electric children
thelonious monster—thelonious monster—baby you’re bumming my life out in a supreme fasion
eliot smith—christian brothers—s/t
nick cave and the bad seeds—sad waters—your funeral
n-concentric—listen darkly—lucid dreaming

amy denio—(when george bush was head of the) cia dogs—greatest hits
mecca normal—the dogs—water cuts my hands
n,c—tamion 12 inch—the boys murdured—misery loves company
throbbing gristle—ab/7a—doa
showcase showdown—oi oi deacon—apetite of kings
quicksand—backward—manic compression
fred frith—hand of the juggler—gravity

n-wendy carlos—incantation—beauty in the beast

--the text song was perhaps the funniest thing I have ever heard.
--the set that began with einsturzende neubauten and ended with concentric probably had the strangest mood shift that I have ever put on the radio.
--if I could have, I would've played all of tago mago, but I restrained myself.
--I learned today never to start a show with a 10 minute choral work-it makes for a strange show.


Playlist for june 26, 2002 from 10-1

(background: miles davis—get up with it)

the dirtbombs—ode to a black man—ultraglide in black—in the red

r-isaac hayes—walk on by—hot buttered soul—enterprise
the dentists—ugly—s/t 10”—independent project
uzeda—stomp—different sections of wire—touch and go
r-gravel—yesterday—no stone unturned—estrus
n,c—ex-models—u got what I need (shave)—ex-models/seconds split cd—my pal god
n,c—ex-models—3 weeks—ex-models/seconds split cd—my pal god
n-gza/genious—fame—fame 12”—mca

c-bevis frond—watch for the sun—tea at the palace of hoon—hozoneen
n-sonic youth—the empty page—murray street—dcg
electric prunes—are you lovin’ me more (but enjoying it less)—lost dreams—birdman
dickies—give it back—the incredible shrinking dickies—a&m
main—xiv—firmame at iii—beggar’s banquet
n-lovelife—listen loudly—here is niht, brothers, here the birds burn—jagjaguwar
n-butthole surfers—earthquake—humpty dumpty lsd—latino bugger veil
negativeland—drink it up—dispepsi—seeland
negativeland—humanitarian effort—dispepsi—seeland

n-4trek—eastern promise—7”
flying luttenbachers—demonic belocities/20000 volts—destroy all music—skin graft
ashtray navigators—plastic sky—plaster projections instruction record—menlo park
naked city—blood is thin—grand guignoc
n-peter brotzmann—everything—for adophe sax—atavistic
hal freedman—ring précis—lp—opus one

n,c—jaap blank—ggreen kkrrimp—don’t shoot the toy piano player:live from wfmu—wfmu
christain marclay—phonodrum—records
rapeman—monobrow—2 nuns and a pack mule
n-speed king—divelina—the fist and the laurels
c-richard hunter—put the lever down—the arf arf contemporary music sampler—arf arf
x-ecutioners—let it bang—built from scratch
fluf—skyrocket—7” picturedisk

n-cannanes—it’s hopeless—trouble seemed so far away
n-pretty girls make graves—bring in golden pond—good health
firehose—honey please—if’n
c-the crabs—lullabies lie—live at the roxy
mekons—psycho cupid—fear and whiskey
bulkhead—digitize it—gas giants

hijokaidan—ferocity of practical life part 1—ferocity of practical life
spaceways inc—back of a cab—version soul—ativistic

two shows today-one as a sub for alex, the other as my actual show. the first one was kinda haphazard, but it lasted for almost 2 hours. in my main
show, it was comp day. I walked in and decided to only play comps. and it was awesome! it's amazing all the good stuff we have here in comps. I had so much fun.

Playlist for june 19, 2002 sub from 1-2:45

n-the residents—smelly tongues—petting zoo
n-country teasers—some hole—science hat, artistic cube, moral nosebleed empire
gaunt—justine—yeah, me too
new bomb turks—tattoo apathetic boys—destroy, oh, boy

n-enon—count sheep—high society
r-bad religion—you are (the government)—suffer
n-the consumers—anti, anti, anti—all my friends are dead
snuff—ye old folke—potatoes and melons
screeching weasel—I was a high school psychopath—wiggle
moviola—din—the year you were born

n-usaisamonster—snowball earth—citizens of the universe
n-don howland—above the clouds—the land beyond the mountains
boredoms—super are—super ae
n-dj shadow—right thing/gdmlsob—the private press
n-the melvins—the fool, the meddling idiot—hostile ambient takeover
john zorn—ziphim—masada 3

n,c-tata pound—badala—africa raps
c-the fall—lie, dream, a casino soul—humans compilation
hex error—deer lodge poison—s/t
nels cline trio—anthony—sad
r-misfits—she—box set sampler
karl Hendricks trio—checking you out—7”

r-outkast—humble mumble—stankonia
(young) pioneers—great white hype—crimewave ep
(young) pioneers—pioneer liberation radio—crimewave ep
r-descendents—coffee mug—everything sucks

Playlist for june 19, 2002 10-1

(soundtrack: music from tex avery soundtracks as composed by scott Bradley)

sonic youth—no song 2 #3—t.v. shit ep

n,c-ekiti son—gemini disco—for friends
c-the legendary german sounds—the earthquake has come—the you’ll hate this record record
c-the lowdown—barrier acknowledgement exercise—science
c-the lowdown—the nine disciples—science
c-calvin bose—safronia b—black rock’n’roll
r,c-dow jones & the industrials—can’t stand the Midwest—bloodstains over the Midwest
r,c-haskels—takin the city by storm—bloodstains over the Midwest
c-side two—six week omnibus: Japanese hardcore comp 7”
r-wendy carlos/j.s.bach—prelude and fugue #2 in c minor—switched on bach

c-illyah kuryahkin—takin a train—illyah kuryahkin/mitch mitchell’s terrifying experience split ep
c-devo—go monkey go—heroes and villans: music inspired by the powerpuff girls—the sound of mariachi bands—the mission district
c-leo brouwer—percussion today, variations IV and V—music of our century
n,c-the supreme indifference—male-in-communication—fields and streams
n,c-pink and brown—so long special treat—pink and brown/death drug split 12”

c-the panics—drugs are for thugs—red snerts
pere ubu—333—st Arkansas
c-gene simmons—drinkin wine—that rockabilly craze
n,c-cherrystones—in this maze (take heed)—everything you wanted to know about twisted nerve but were afraid to ask
c-the residents—matchmaker—knitting on the roof
c-hazel—shag rug—tarastistic seed pilot of a world to come 7”
n,c-rex—leak through—music for listening to
n,c—cbv—art. 158—africa raps

c-government issue—religious spinoff—dischord 1
c-government issue—fashionite—dischord 1
c-government issue—rock and roll bullshit—dischord 1
n,c-the blood brothers—under pressure—dynamite with a laserbeam:queen as heard through the meatgrinder of three one g
n-menstruation sisters—clitoris—dead at slugs
c-mouse on mars—I am trapped in soap bubble—modulation and transformation vol 3
n-fred frith—their blood is black and yellow—accidental
oxes—russia is here—oxxxes

c-lazy cowgirl—frustration, tragedy and lies—cheapo crypt sampler
n-sweep the leg Johnny—only in a rerun—going down swinging
c-tristan psionic—20,000 coyotes can’t be wrong—the primrods/tristan psionic split 7”
c-johnny clampett and the walkers—nervous breakdown—tmi 015
c-steve albini—nutty about lemurs—guitarrorists
n-crispy ambulance—even now in heaven there are angels carrying savage weapons—scissor gun
Vincent gallo—a brown lung hollering—recordings of music for film
Vincent gallo—glad to be unhappy—recordings of music for film
Vincent gallo—brown daisies—recordings of music for film

c-the pandoras—melvin—battle of the garages III
c-unwound—bionic—international pop underground convention
c-1.2.x.u—wire—hardcore punk vol. 2
c-lucksmiths—caravanna—little darla has a treat for you vol 9
c-imminent starvation—tentack—ant-hology

c-public enemy—welcome to the terrordome—def jam classics vol II


today's show was fun as some friends of mine from my hometown listened and called in. it made my day. yay for friends.

Playlist Friday, may 17, 2002, 8-10 pm

(background music: dmitri shostakovich, viola sonata)

The evolution control committee—rebel without a pause—the whipped cream mixes 7”

Scritti politti—lions after a slumber—12”
Mr quintron—mz dushane—the first two records
Howlin’ wolf—dog me around—ridin in the moonlight
n-dead and gone—future future—the beautician
n-project perfect—rome—pm
moby grape—changes, circles spinning—truly fine citizen

ill ease—dear krazy—live in the holiday sin
bela bartok—viola concerto—viola concerto, etc.
bablicon—rhinoseros—in a different city

royal trux-- yin jin versus the vomit creature—twin infinitives
n,c—bill Monroe and his blue grass boys—get up john—classic bluegrass on Smithsonian folkways
n—nina nastasia—oh my stars—the blackened air
n-genuine electric latin love machine—introducing the neat beat—introducing the neat beat
tim perkis—abandoned dacha—five 7”
geezer lake—movie stars—hearts won’t try this
c-gunshy ministers—matchbox—this is cowtown vol.4

n-the goodheart allen powell trio—accumulation #1—I can climb a tree, I can tie a knot, I can have a conversation
the spiny anteaters—soundcheck—soundcheck 7”
n-the selby tigers—sno ball—the curse of the selby tigers
peter and the test tube babies—I lust for the disgusting—test tube trash
six finger satellite—the well tempered monkey—machine cuisine 10”
bassholes—microscope feeling—when my blue moon turns red again
the oblivians—christina—popular favorites
sweep the leg Johnny—blood lines—sto cazzo!

Ennio morricone—to die is a duty—sacco and vanzetti sountrack 

two playlists today, one from my normal show, one as a sub.

Playlist for may 10, 2002, 8-10 pm

(background music: glenn branca, symphony no 5)

Unrest—vibe out—unrest c.c.—teen beat

r-eggs—john’s bar mitzvah—bruiser—teen beat
scream—things to do—this side up—discord
n,r—heinous anus—humdinger—s/t
n—splotch—fur—2 million fuckheads 7”—menlo park
n,c—phineas newborn orchestra—calvin’s boogie—it came from Memphis vol. 1
golden millennium—20th century boy—7”
n—hellacopters—hopeless case of a kid in denial—high visibility

the ruins—outburn—compiled 1986-1992
lightning bolt—13 monsters—ride the skies
white stripes—the big three killed my baby—s/t
swearing at motorists—flying pizza—number seven uptown
n,r—dan the automator—stroker ace—wanna buy a monkey?
Frank zappa—the girl in the magnesium dress—the yellow shark
Harry partch—daphne of the dunes—the world of…

Rocket from the tombs—30 seconds over Tokyo—the day the earth met the…
r-di—youth in asia—horse bites dog cries
need new body—20$sh—s/t
n-paul e easter and the cruel shoves—all your friends hate you now—eyeliner 7”
n-central falls—another perfect plan—latitude
r-suck dog—dog—onward suckdog soldiers
four way cross—below the feedback—on the other hand
the volcanoes—whirlpool—surf quake

n-and you will know us by the trail of dead—another morning stoner—source tags and codes
wedding pageant—mothers—lovenest ep
bailterspace—particle accelerator—photon ep

c-william hooker, lee ronaldo, zeena parkins—belief in night—carbon 14 presents east vs west

Playlist for may 14, 2002 1-3 pm (sub show)

(background music: the best of george abdo and his flames of araby

c-nuisance—sweet bird of youth—nuisance/bitchcraft split 7”
fitz of depression—everybody and their dog—10”

faust—meadow meal—faust
r-beat happening—foggy eyes—s/t
n,r-heinous anus—psychosexual cyclone hell—s/t
n-volumizer—two words—gaga for gigi
legendary pink dots—belladonna—the maria dimension
r-belle and sebastian—the boy with the arab strap—the boy with the arab strap
sonic youth—mieux: de corrosion—syr 1

joel bons—sextet—opus 82
pagans—secret agent man—7”
n-fred frith—the blood is black and yellow—accidental
syd barret—no man’s land—the madcap laughs
tom waits—rain dogs—rain dogs
n-q and not u—soft pyramids—on play patterns
n-mondo topless—no more—7”

treepeople—pity—guilt regret embarrassment
Monroe mustang—cat/moth—the elephant sound
Lee hazlewood—long black train—trouble is a lonesome town
n-the most secret method—louise lake—our success
walkabouts—jumping off—so beautiful rattlesnake gardens
coa—my right—smell me, smell my grandfather
c-really red—prostitution—let them eat jellybeans

n-giant sand—johnny hit and run Pauline—cover magazine
n-deerhoof—six holes on a stick—halfbird
c-strike under—anarchy song—busted at oz
pipe—the astronaut suit—ballpeen

n,c—robert lee barton jr, oscar Gonzales—el corride de nogales—heroes and horses


today's theme was vinyl. outside of a few cuts from cds as required by the station, everything was either an lp or a 7".

playlist for dan r. friday, may 3, 2002, 8-10pm

n-pink and brown—so long special treat—pink and brown/death drug split
barking tribe—white man’s mind—7”

n,c—the supreme indifference- male-in-communication —fields and streams—kill
rock stars
redd kross—kill someone you hate—born innocent
brian eno—sky saw—another green world
n-anti-pop consortium—dead in motion—12”
n-black dice—untitled #5.5—black dice/erase errata split 7”—troubleman
beat happening—midnight a go-go—jamboree—k

n,c-jingo—fever— afro-rock -kona records
mayer kupferman—superflute—music for flute and tape—nonesuch
n-menstruation sisters—me eat it lunch—dead at slugs

n-fridge—transience—eph reissue
r-make up—come to the microphone—in mass mind—dischord
sugar plant—orange filter—7”
jandek—bive it the name—on the way
c-the evaporators—coho? coho?—canadian relics 7”
ghost—holy high—holy high 7”

malaria!—geld/money—compiled 1981-84
the last poets—hold fast—oh my people
saturn’s flea collar—the absentee—stretch to the actuate
naïve—russian freeman—switch blade knife—maximumrockandroll
membranes—bulbous lovechild—kiss ass…
c-willie “loco” alaxander boom boom band—at the rat—live at the rat

n-pepito—duty free—migrante
pussy galore—dead meat—groovey hate fuck ep

Playlist for april 19, 2002

The electric prunes—it’s not fair—lost dreams
The electric prunes—are you lovin’ me more (but enjoying it less)—lost dreams

Husker du—8 miles high—8 miles high 7”
US maple—untitled—the wanderer by dion by us maple
The deadly snakes—graveyard shake—I’m not your soldier anymore
n—brain bombs—I wish I was dead she said—cheap ep
new bomb turks—born Toulouse lautrec—destroy-oh-boy

nurse with wound—chance meeting—chance meeting…
current 93—dogun—calling for vanished faces
n,r—pedro the lion—indian summer—control
r-outkast—bombs over Baghdad—stankonia
n-califone—don’t let me die nervous—sometimes good weather follows bad people

n-racebannon—flip ‘n fuck—in the grips of light
c-william hellermann—on the edge of a node—music from the American academy in rome
gravitar—mccoy—now the road of knives

n-u$a$iamonster—snowball earth—citizens of the universe
n-Saturday looks good to me—think about tomorrow—s/t
n-puffball—back on the sauce—the super commando
n,c—the rhythm machine—the kick—funky 16 corners
the dead c—river of lethia—dead c vs sebadoh 7”

the roots—react/respond—iladelph halflife
jay farrar—outside the door—sebastopol
dinosaur jr—kracked—you’re living all over me
dinosaur jr—sludgefest—you’re living all over me

sonic youth—schizophrenia—sister
r-ramones—teenage lobotomy—rocket to Russia
patti smith—gloria—horses
Richard Thompson—calvary cross—richard Thompson live!


Rock With Dan R. March 29, 2002. 6-10pm

Sonic Youth--Shaking Hell--Confusion is Sex

N-femi kuti—the choice is yours—fight to win
Refused—tannhauser/derive—the shape of punk to come
c-life suppressed—manual seven—2nd hand citizen records volume 1
bad brains—destroy Babylon—I and I survive

versus—glitter of love—secret swingers
scream—came without warning—still screaming
tilt—fool to blame—play cell
n-songs:ohia—cross the road, Molina—didn’t it rain
malaria!—zarah—malaria! Reissue
crawlspace—solitude smokestack—solitude head 7”

the lyres—not like the other one—on fyre
n-pleasant—anything would be fine—s/t
fugazi—full disclosure—the argument
butterglory—on a horse—rat tat tat

built to spill—intrumental 2—strange 7”
n,c-soul seven—southside funk—funky 16 corners
spotnicks—telstar—the very best of…
crib—laconic—forward back
mountain goats—snow crush killing song—sweden
n-gogoairheart—real live kill—real live kill 7”
n-the boggs—beside the windowsill—we are the boggs yes we are

television—friction—marquee moon
cassanova complex—let’s go to Europe—finland
r-the malarians—hexon blood beat—know
medicine—a short happy life—shot forth self living
brainiac—juicy (on a Cadillac)—bonsai superstar
hell no—cut the artery—skin job
n,c-raskul—change—the thing that ate floyd

new york dolls—trash—night of the living dolls
the need—crown—s/t
r-angry samoans—lights out—the unboxed set
r-black flag—wasted—everything went…
n-certain general—strange fruit—certain general
r-wreck small speakers on expensive stereos—all of this—river falling love
new bomb turks—girl can run—live ’93 ep
n-alstair galbraith and matt de gennard—rehua—long wires in dark museums

residents—constantinople—duck stab
c-roy orbison—domino—that rockabilly craze
n-scout niblett—advice—sweet heart fever
pegboy—never a question—force ep
lose—waking to sleep—7” on subterranean records
n-abcs—lil lucky—s/t
mirah—apples in trees—cold coldwater ep

salteens—kelly nicoll—short-term memories
n-stereo total—wir tanzen in 4-eck—musique automatique
the blow up—(you’re) better off--true noise
david bowie—hang on to yourself—the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars
n-overlord—meet the situation artist—the wonderful world of chemistry
fireballs of freedom—white lies/black night—fireballs of freedom/bellrays split 7”
pooh sticks—young people—the great white wonder
engine down—slingshot—under the pretense of present tense

citizen fish—face off—free souls in a trapped environment
citizen fish—youth—free souls in a trapped environment
pet ufo—leviathing—my name is esther cohen
the white stripes—hello operator—de stijl
the velvet underground—the gift—white light/white heat

q and not u—a line in the sand—no kill no beep beep

lesson of the day: when only broadcasting on the left channel, the gift by
the velvet underground becomes and 8 minute instrumental. I am definitely
gonna get on this one channel crap as soon as I possibly can.

Playlist for march 15, 2002 6-10pm

Certain general, “uptight” an introduction to war
Certain general, “nowhere” an introduction to war
Sonic youth “catholic block” sister
Rites of spring “for want of” s/t
Oxes “and giraffe: natural enemy” split ep
Boards of Canada “sixtyten” music has the right to children
Mekons “country” fear and whiskey
Nation of Ulysses “perpetual motion machine” play pretty for baby
Monkey power trio “black fulton” 7”
c-Nortons orchestraville “hey” Athens music project
and you will know us by the trail of dead “baudelaire” source tages and codes
butthole surfers “lady sniff” psychic … powerless…
nothing painted blue “swivel chair” swivel chair 7”
n-detachment kit “yourself: a majesty of infinite space” quiet away
natural history the enemy s/t
swans “love will tear us apart (red version)” love will tear us apart 12”
no knife “the red bedroom” split cdep
the hard feelings “leave me alone” …are having a dance party 7”
bluetip “compliment the negative” hot fast union ep
antietam “naples” burgoo
clinic “sun light bathe our home” walking with thee
rye coalition “heart of gold, jacket of leather” on top
silkworm “quicksand” quicksand 7”
n-steven merritt “drowned sailors” eban and Charlie soundtrack
slint “untitled” s/t
love child “all is loneliness” plays moondog 7”
burning airlines “wheaton calling” mission control
joy division “disorder” unknown pleasures
chikita “gag” Karen learns about our nation 7”
red krayola “I knew it” s/t
n-visionstain “chett (leport)” love dimmer
flipper “the way of the world” generic flipper
the van pelt “it’s a suffering” stealing from our favorite thieves
the art of noise “the army now” into battle
crooked fingers “new drink for the old drunk” s/t
unwound “go to dallas and take a left” repetition
pere ubu “non alignment pact” the modern dance
the a bones “bad boy” 7”
n-kilowatthours “in my plane” bright side
ì-ziq “scaling” royal astronomy
zumpano “oh that Atkinson girl” look what the rookie did
c-the celibate rifles “5 lamps” hard ons/celibate rifles split ep
champagne kiss “stereo relapse” dancing in the pockets of thieves
oe-the belrays “too many houses in here” grand fury
r-guided by voices “adverse wind” sandbox
acid mothers temple “space age ballad” new geocentric world of…
dead kennedys “holiday in Cambodia” fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
n-mutants “true story” fun terminal
the fall “the container driver” grotesque
cancer conspiracy “the silence of underwater traffic” the audio medium
gang of four “Cadillac” mall
vision “hopefully” undiscovered 7”
the rock*a*teens “halfway home” cry
lightning bolt “13 monsters” ride the sky

no breaks listed for this show. odd format for recording. it was my first. 

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