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yesterday's show was strange. it was the first under my new title, "Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds." I've also started a web site for past playlists. it is I got really tired about 2/3rds of the way through and things just kinda fell apart. oh well. shit happens. now for the playlist. notes at the end.

Playlist for Wednesday, August 28, 2002 10pm-1am

Background: various--surf monsters--del-fi

c-Daniel Lentz--You Can’t See the Forest…Music--Cold Blue--Cold Blue
c-artist unknown--King Cotton--Stereo Spectacular
c-Cookie Monster--C is for Cookie--Bert and Ernie’s Sing Along--Sesame Street
Tom Waits--Misery is the River of the World--Blood Money--Anti

c-Jackie and Soul Benders--Ram Jam--Musical Fever--Trojan
n-Mali Music--4 Am and Toumanie--s/t--Astralwerks
Purple Ivy Shadows--Cascade--EP 7”--My Pal God
n-Cindy Cox--Delicate, Fragile--Columba Aspexit: Chamber Works of Cindy Cox--CRI
George Lewis and His New Orleans Stompers--Dauphine St Blues--Volume 1--Blue Note
(The Real) Tuesday Weld--Terminally Ambivalent--When Psyche Meets Cupid--Kindercore

Fish and Roses--Monks Hate You--Fish and Roses’ Friar Tuck Record 7”
Brother JT and Vibrolux--song title unknown--Doomsday Rock
n-Die Todliche Doris--Kavaliere--Nursery Rhymes for True Fools of the Grail
Desperate Bicycles--Trendy Feelings--The Commercial Venture
The Hentchmen--Naked Sister--Motorvatin’
n-The Raymond Scott Orchestrette--Oil Gusher--Pushbutton Parfait--Evolver
Gyorgy Ligeti--Capricio no 1--Keyboard Works--Sony Classics
Flaherty/Colbourne--Piece 4--Ottowa
c-Butthole Surfers--Boiled Dove--Smack My Crack

Marianne Nowottny--Little Harem Girl--Afraid of Me
n-John Schnall--More Than Just a Girl + Einstein on the Beach--More Songs from Midnight Matinee--s/r
n-Cato Salsa Experience--Deadbeat--A Good Tip for a Good Time
n-McClusky--No New Wave No Fun--McClusky Do Dallas
Nicodemis with Gravitar--Side A--It’s an Idiot’s Life
Political Asylum--I’ve Got a Name--How the West Was Won 10”
Greyhouse--Stuff--Revolution By Numbers 7”

n-DSP--Where It Is--In the Red
c-dROME--Millbrook--Disolve: A Work in Progress Compilation
n-Thai Elephant Orchestra--rainforest--s/t
c-Musicians of Desa Sater--Tari Busur Panah--Music of Malaka
n-Winfred E. Eye--Riding the Rain--A Bottle, a Dog, Some Milk, a Bottle
Vance Orchestra--Hot Water Music--7”

Allen Ginsburg--The Lion for Real--The Lion for Real--Island
r-Persons--Untitled 2--The Lainmeyer are Persons
n-Ass Baboons of Venus--Naked Lady Wrestler--Phucket ala Bum Bum--Bulb
c-Eclectics--When I was Young--Iowa Compilation
Taluah Gosh--Don’t Go Away--Backwash--K
n,c--Enemy Me--Quarentine--Feeding of the Proles
Paul Lansky--Her Song--Fantasies and Tableaux--CRI

Gerry Hemingway--Tyrolienne--Acoustic Solo Works 1983-94
Farmers Market--Explorers_We

-I have been wanting to compare cookie monster and tom waits for a while and finally had the chance to at the beginning of my show
-playing the Mali Music left me feeling strangely dirty. I was curious, but I didn't like it very much
-the cold blue comp is quite good. can't wait to add it
-when I played the Purple Ivy Shadows, jon solomon called me up asking me why I was playing it. apparently it is my pal god number 1
-finds of the day: Greyhouse, fish and roses, brother jt and vibrolux, and Die Todliche Doris.
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