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two shows on monday, one rock, one jazz. both playlists are here, in chronological order.

Playlist for May 19, 2003 11am-1pm (jazz)

Maarten Altena Ensemble - Slange - Code - Hat Hut

Freddie Hubbard - Assunta - Here to Stay - Blue Note
Cecil Taylor - Steps - Unit Structures - Blue Note

N - Peter Brötzmann, Hamid Drake, William Parker - Never Too Late But Always Too Early pt 3 - Never too Late but Always too Early - Eremite
John Coltrane - Acknowledgement-Alternative Take - A Love Supreme Deluxe - Impulse

Matthew Shipp - East Broadway Run Down - Songs - Splasc(h)
N - Pharaoh Sanders - You’ve Gotta Have Freedom - Live - Evidence
Duke Ellington - A Little Max (Parfait) - Money Jungle - Blue Note

Miles Davis - Go Ahead John - Big Fun - Columbia


-as always with me and jazz shows, I was really happy with everything
-the maarten altena is definitely not jazz even though it was in the jazz part of the library. it's crazy modern composition that's really cool
-I've played a lot of peter brötzmann recently. not that I"m complaining
-I finally got around to playing go ahead john. you all really should listen to that with headphones at some point. the opening 10-12 minutes are the trippiest thing you will ever experience

Playlist for May 19, 2003, 10pm-1am

Background - New World Electronic Chamber Ensemble - Switched on Beatles - Mushroom

Slayer - Black Magic - Live Evil - Metal Blade

Joy Division - Digital - Heart and Soul - Rhino
N - Legendary Shack Shakers - Help Me From My Brain - Cockadoodledon’t - Bloodshot
N - Testors - It’s Only Death - Complete Recordings 1976-79 - Swami
R - Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster - Inflammable Material - Rough Trade
Frederic Rzewski - Slide Show - North American Ballads and Squares - Hat Hut
Microwaves - The Bad American - System 2 - Cenotaph
Zen Frisbee - A Kaunji Kaunji Christmas - Dog City EP 7”
Yoko Ono - Don’t Count the Waves - Fly - Ryko
Ivy Labs - Can’t Get Through - Self-Aggregation - s/r
R - Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Pirate Love - LAMF - Jungle

N - The Sun - Fell So Hard - Love and Death - Warner Bros
C - The Bostweeds - Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! - Born Bad Vol. 1
The Cramps - Domino - Gravest Hits - IRS
R - Plaid - Ladyburst - Not for 3’s - Warp
N - Dennis Brown - The Creator - The Promised Land - Blood and Fire
N - Com.A - Cherry Boy Trail - Shot of Love - Tigerbeat6
Sinking Body - Submerged in Tissue Results not Available - The Discovery of Iron Ore 10” - Vermiform
Moeval - Look What the Cat Dragged In - Exmovere - s/r

Claude Debussy - Le qu’a vu le vent d’ouest from Préludes book 1 - Piano Works vol. II by Aldo Ciccolini - EMI Classics
N - Peppermints - I.P. Freely on Black Velvet - Sweet Tooth Abortion - Pandacide
The Mortal Micronotes - Cleo - Live EP 7”
C - New Car Smell - Step on It - The Singles (1993-94) - Loverly
Fly Ashtray - Kronkite Knuckles - Tone Sensations of the Wondermen
C - The Outcasts - Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart, Anymore - Battle of the Bands, Live! Round 1
C - artist unknown - Tes Peng Khoomei / Kagiraa Duet “Artii-Sayir” / Sigitu - Tuva: Voices from the Center of Asia - Smithsonian Folkways
N - Prince Paul feat. Kardinal Offshall and Sly Boogie - What I Need - Politics of Business

Hasil Adkins - Big Red Satellite - The Wildman - Norton
N - New Pornographers - It’s Only Divine Right - Electric Version - Matador
N - Mistreaters - This Ain’t Me - Playa Hated to the Fullest - Estrus
Godz - White Cat Heat - Contact High With… - ESP
C - Lynn Taitt and the Baba Brooks Band - Maginifecnt Ska - Ska After Ska After Ska
N - Evolution Control Committee - No Time for Yes - Plagiarhythm Nation - Seeland
Third Eye Foundation - Sleep - Sentex - Linda’s Strange Day
N - F-Minus - Not the Time - Wake Up Screaming - Hellcat
Nomeansno - Wiggly Worm - The Worldhood of the World (as Such) - Alternative Tentacles
Moss Icon - The Life - Lyburnum - Vermiform

C,R - File 13 - Taste So Good - Street Jams: Electric Funk - Rhino
Family Dollar Pharaohs - Ransom Street Operative - Haunted
Armaund Schaubroeck - We Like Lost Sheep are… - A Lot of People Would like to see Armaund Schaubroeck Dead
R - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - She’ll Put the Wammee on Me - Screaming the Blues
N - Adult. - Nervous (Wreck) - Anxiety Always - Ersatz Audio

AMM - Ailantus Glandulosa - AMMMusic 1966 - ReR

-this was my last show from 10-1 on mondays. starting on june 9, I'll be on on mondays from 7-10
-the background was this ultra-cheesy record I found randomly at the rec ex. the beatles + moog synths = wonderful background. I had to stop talking a couple times, the music was so entertaining.
-I was all psyched up to play iron maiden to start my show, and then found that wprb has no iron maiden. so slayer had to substitute
-the testors is a sonny vincent group in the rocket from the tombs/dead boys school of cleveland proto-punk that is so wonderful. this track is their answer to the rockets "ain't it fun," and it's a whole lot better
-frederic rzewski was definitely the find of the day. great avant-garde composition for piano
-I played the sun because one of the guys in the band graduated from my high school 2 years before I did. it's great to see someone I know actually kinda make it, even if it is on a major
-I'm almost convinced about the new pornographers. almost, but not quite
-I really liked the third eye foundation track. I wasn't a huge fan of the most recent album of his that came through prb, but that was good.

Playlist for May 15, 2003 3-5 pm (sub for leif)

Background: chamber works of Claude Debussy

Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink, Fred Van Hove - Garten - Balls - Atavistic

N - Yo La Tengo - Season of the Shark - Summer Sun - Matador
Consonant - The Kiss - s/t - Fenway
Michael Hurley - You’ll Get Down By the Pool Hall Clickety Clack - Blueberry Wine - Locust
Bellrays - Tie Me Down - Raw Collection
Elvis Hitler - Revolving Blues of Death - Hellbilly
N - Pink and Brown - track 3 - Shame Fantasy - Load
Iowa Beef Experience - New South - 7”

N - RJD2 - Good Times Roll pt. 1 - The Horror EP - Def Jux
MNFST - Premier Human Oddities - 7”
N - Crepos - Double Trouble - Record - s/r
N,C,R - Bright Eyes - One Foot in Front of the Other - Saddle Creek 50 - Saddle Creek
Oblivians - I May Be Gone - Play 9 Songs with Mr Quintron - Crypt
Vibrocathedral Orchestra - This is Where No-one Worked Out - Dabbling With Gravity and Who You Are
N,C - artist unknown - Dogumbo Song - Ghana - Ancient Ceremonies, Dance Music, and Songs - Nonesuch Explorer
N - Ikara Colt - Panic - Basic Instructions EP - Epitaph
R - Late Night Television - I’ll Never Do Anything (as Cool as You) - 11 Love Songs for Your Shallow Broken Heart
C - Unsane - Broke - Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets vol. 7 - Amphetamine Reptile
N - Rope - Damn High Mountain - Fever - Family Vineyard
Jacob’s Mouse - Tumbleswan - No Fish Shop Parking

N - Paolo Conte - I Gardini Pensili Hanno Fatto il Loro Tempo - Reveries - Nonesuch
R - A Minor Forest - Dainty Jack and His Amazing Technicolor Cloth Jacked - Flemish Altruism - Thrill Jockey
Persona - track 11 - Fencesitter
N - Angus Maclise - Chumlum - Cloud Doctrine - Sub Rosa
Mike Langlie - Mechanical Mouse - Twink
Simply Suacer - Mole Machine - Cyborgs Revisited
N - The Horrors - Sooner or Later - Vent - In the Red

N - Deadly Snakes - Trouble’s Gonna Stay a While - Ode to Joy - In the Red

-I was subbing for leif today, since I didn't get my normal show because I was writing papers
-lots of great song, artist, or album titles today
-I really dislike bright eyes
-from a minor forest into simply saucer was one of the greatest instrumental sets I think I've ever done
-the two new in the red albums were great, as all things in the red tend to be 

Playlist for May 5, 2003, 10pm-1am

Background: Music from Japan - Nonesuch Explorer

Cattivo - Evil - and His Orchestra - Ecco

N,C - Unidentified - I Lost My Girl to an Argentinean Cowboy - American Song-Poem Anthology - Bar None
Syd Barrett - Feel - Madcap Laughs
Piranhas - Redundant - s/t - On/On Switch
N - Hookers - Crush - s/t - Cold Crush
Oxes - Say Something to Bees About Not Praying and Don’t Bothering - Arab on Radar 10” - Watange
N - Thermals - Goddamn the Light - More Parts Per Million - SubPop
N - Party of Helicopters - Delta ’88 - Please Believe it - Velocette
Pink Lincolns - Heros - Sumo Fumes 3 7”

Peter Brötzmann and Hamid Drake - Dark Wings Carry Off the Sky - The Dried Rat-Dog - Okka
R - Dickies - Communication Breakdown - Suckas Over Disneyland - Jem
R - Descendents - Catalina - Milo Goes to College
R - Sex Pistols - Problems - Never Mind the Bullocks
R - Microphones - Karl Blau - It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water - K
N - Gossip - Confess - Movement - Kill Rock Stars
Pylon - Feast on my Heart - Gyrate

Inner Thumb - Soul Ecstasy (Instrumental Version) - Soul Ecstasy Soundtrack - Emperor Norton
N - Orchestra Baobab - Wer Ente Serigne - Pirates Choice - World Circuit/Nonesuch
Azita - On the Road - Enantiodromia - Drag City
Jackson C. Frank - Just Like Anything - s/t - Castle
N - Robert Ashley - Wolfman Tape - Wolfman - Alga Marghen
N - Beans - Walking By Night - Tomorrow Right Now - Warp

Püng - The Specialist - State of Youth 4” - No Idea
N - Mindflayer - I Fell in a Pool of Crawling Chaos - Take Your Skin Off - Bulb
Olivier Messiaen - Dance of Fury, for 7 Trumpets - Quartet for the End of Time (performed by Tashi) - RCA Gold Seal
Various Artists - No. 8 (ae2 mix by Autechre) - 8, 8.5, 9 and Remixes - Fat Cat
N - Oranges Band - Keep Your Teeth - All Around - Lookout
Quicksand - Omission - 7” - Revelation
C - Faun - Flexible Jaw - Strength Through Ooij - Waaghals
Townes Van Zandt - To Live’s To Fly - Absolutely Nothing - Normal

N - Dub Narcotic Sound System - Sabley Goodness - Hand Clappin’- K
N - The Fall - The Classical - In a Hole + - Cog Sinister
Pressgang - City Lights - Self-destroyed - Bloodlink
N - Iota - Precints - s/t - Shadoks
C - N. Zimmer - Scanners Live in Vain - Technology Doesn’t Stop the Imp Next Door
C - Three Shades of Blue - Gdje Je Ked Kuce, Mama - A Boy Named Sue - Trikont
Robbie B?sho - Pavan Hindustani - B?shovia - Takoma

C - Walter Ruttman - Wochende (Weekend) - An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music Vol. 1 - Sub Rosa

Fred Frith/Ensemble Modern - Freeway/Shadow of a Tree on Sand - Traffic Continuer - Winter and Winter

-that piranhas s/t is really good, perhaps better than their latest on in the red. apparently the vinyl version of this album plays from the inside out
-the pink lincolns cover of bowie and the dickies cover of zeppelin were both quite nice. I should do an a show of just covers at some point
-I saw peter brotzmann, hamid drake, and william parker play at Penn last friday. it was an amazing show. I would give a full description, but that would be really long. in short, the three played really well together and created a great cacophony. perhaps the best show I've seen so far this year.
-I thought I had seen every format of vinyl (6", 7", 8.5", 10", 12") and along comes this pung 4". I think the world is going to explode
-the mindflayer song is perhaps the most appropriately titled song ever; the technology... comp had the best album title ever
-the messiaen piece was basically all the quartet playing in unison for 6 minutes, but what a unison 6 minutes it is! I first heard about this piece from reading john szwed's biography of sun ra (who was apparently greatly influenced by messiaen's mysticism)
-I was pleasantly surprised by the track from the boy named sue comp. I have no idea what johnny cash song that is, but damn it was cool
-the walter ruttman piece is probably the earliest ever piece of audio-collage. it's intended as a radio play that depicts a weekend in berlin or some such city. since it was created around 15 years before the invention of magnetic tape, all the sounds were recorded on celluloid film (ie movie reel film); the sounds are represented as various blobs that were then decoded when projected onto a special machine. it's really cool stuff. I heard about this in this really great class on radio that I took this semester along with jannon.
-fred frith is uniformly great. the song confused both me and the dj after me because we both thought he was mixing something into it. nope, just the song.
-calls of note: 1)request for "my favorite" dickies cover. 2) request for a sid vicious song (that I don't know if we had) or the sex pistols. 3) a guy calling up wanting to know where to pick up men at princeton (perhaps the strangest call I've ever gotten short of the guys doing acid in their car). 4) andrew (former classical director) wanting to hear me play a specific station id. 

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