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Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for September 27, 2002, 8:30-10pm

Background: Chuck Berry

Anthony Braxton--To Composer John Cage--For Alto--Delmark
The Make Up--How Pretty Can U Get--Destination: Love, Live at Cold Rice--Dischord
n-Stick Men With Ray Gun--Grave City--Some People Deserve to Suffer--Emperor Jones
Orchid--I am Nietzsche--Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow--Ebullition
Bliss--Mystery Drips--Bliss/Trenchmouth Split 7”
n-Henry Flynt--Central Park Transverse vocal #1 and 2--Raga Electric--Locust

n-dälek vs Kid606--Ruin it, Ruin Them, Ruin Yourself, Then Ruin Me-dälek remix--Ruin it EP--Tigerbeat6
r-Chrome--Firebomb--Third From the Sun
n-Numbers--Tu Life--Emergency/Numbers Split 12”
n-Flamin Groovies--Shake Some Action--Slow Death--Norton
Beat Happening--Secret Picnic Spot--7”--SubPop
Pelt--Frequency=Distribution--Pelt(er) 7”
n-Barry Adamson--When Darkness Calls--The King of Notting Hill--Mute

Laddio Bolocko--Call Me Jesus--Strange Warmings of
Sightings--Or What--7”--Freedom From
Alain de Filippis--Lamento--Ton Dieu ne S’appelee-t-il pas Ego? 3”
Schlong--Teddy Bear Picnic--The Essential Schlong
n-The Hellacopters--Misanthropic High--Cream of the Crap--Gearhead
George Dario and Vikings--Viking Twist--Viking Twist 7”
Holy Molar--1:3--s/t 10”--Three One G
Milhouse--The Fifteen Minute Game--Modern Problems, Old Fashioned Solutions, and Classic Mistakes 7”
n-New Creatures--Media Brainwash--Media Brainwash

Faust--Picnic on a Frozen River--Faust/So Far
Plunderphonics--Pretender--69 Plunderphonics 96--Seeland

-half of my show was preempted by field hockey, so I only got to do the second half.
-my show has settled for the semester on friday nights from 7-10.
-I think I might have to do a show drawn entirely from the old emph bin because there is so much amazing music in there right now. 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for September 18, 2002 from 10 pm-2am

Focus: Lee Ranaldo Interview

Background: John Cage/Steve Reich--Three Dances and Four Organs

Sonic Youth--Becuz--Washing Machine

Interview Part 1

Sonic Youth/Steve Reich--Pendulum Music--Goodbye 20th Century
Sonic Youth/Cornelius Cardew--Treatise pg 183--Goodbye 20th Century
Momus--MC Escher--The Little Red Songbook

Interview Part 2

r-Sonic Youth--Genetic--100%
n-Sleater-Kinney--Set Aside--One Beat

Interview Part 3-4

The Hanatarash--Mind Man/Ponchobilly/My Tooth is Sore Diamond--4
n-Wolf Eyes--side 2--…Fuck Pete Larsen
r-US Maple--Running From Kebab--Talker

Interview Part 5
Husker Du--New Day Rising--New Day Rising
n-Q and Not U--This are Flashes--Different Damage
The Miss--Question and Answer Session--No Radio

Interview Part 6

Oxes--Kaz Hayashi--7”
n-Die Toldliche Doris--Shuld-Strukter--Nursery Rhymes for True Fools of the Grail
Starlight Desperation--Citizen--Show What a Baby Won’t
n-Philip Jeck/Jacob Kirkegaard--track 2--Soaked
c-Le Syndicat--no title--Dry Lungs
Guitar Wolf--Wild Zero--Planet of the Wolves
n-Aim of Conrad--Keith Richards--Aim of Conrad/Transistor Transistor split 7”

Lee Hazlewood--It’s Monday Morning--Requiem for an Almost Lady
Matching Mole--Nan’s True Hole--Little Red Record
Rhys Chatham--Cadenza--Factor X
Trash--Glider to Sam--Mihawaka
Dälek--Images of .44 Casings--Negro Necro Nekros

Peter Laughner--Cinderella Backstreet--7”
n,c-F. Cimbalo--Cu Sgarra Paga--La Musica Della Mafia
The Fall--I Am Damo Suzuki--This Nation Saving Grace
Peter Jeffries--The Fate of the Human Carbine--The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World
n-Swans--Blood and Honey--Feel Good Now
c-Shadow Ring--C-Out--Put Out C-Out
Thumbnail--Risk and Return--s/t

n-Tara Jane O’Neil and Daniel Littleton--Ooh La La…--Music for a Meteor Shower
c-Pretty Mighty Mighty--Pretty Bride Waltz--Burnt Blast of Sienna 7”
Fishermen’s Stew--Tear Down the Fences--7” EP
Caroliner--Climbing Jacob’s Ladder Through the Fireplace--Rise of the Common Woodpile

-Today was my last show on wednesdays. starting next week, I'll be on fridays from 7-10pm (I think)
-I went an extra hour because I lost an hour to the interview, but I had pulled 3 hours of music and didn't really want to put it all back without playing.
-the lee ranaldo interview was fun to air. apparently a bunch of people from the message boards were listening. I had some guy from somewhere in virginia call up like 3 times
-I'm definitely a fan of the new Wolf Eyes. I was pleasently surprised by the q and not u
-finding pretty mighty mighty on a comp here was entertaining. they're from columbus and I actually had heard of them before coming here. 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for September 11, 2002, 10pm-1am

Background: Coleman Hawkins--Desafinado

Sun City Girls--The Shining Path--Torch of the Mystics

Woody Guthrie--Pretty Boy Floyd--Buffalo Skinners
n,c-Artist Unknown--Alevi Song--The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan
Quelectronics--Ride/BPM Sync--Drum Buddy
n-Mr Lif--New Man Theme--12”
Jon Rose--Heads and Tails--Hyperstring Project
US Maple--La Click--Sang Phat Editor

Wire--Ex Lion Tamer--Pink Flag
Bassholes--Platform Blues--When My Blue Moon Turns Red Again
n-Liars--Grown Men Don’t Fall in the River, Just Like That--They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
Pussy Galore--Sweet Little Hi-Fi--Live: In the Red
n-Hellacopters--Television Addict--Cream of the Crap
Hellraiser--I Wanna Be Free--We’ll Bury You
Tanner--Blue Print--7”
Bauhaus--Double Dare--Gotham

Big Stick--Drag Racing--7”
c-Dead C--Load Segment--All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1
n-Trapdoor Fucking Exit--Run Idiot Run--s/t
New Bomb Turks--All the Right Places--Hellacopters/New Bomb Turks Split 7”
n-No Knife--Riot for Romance!--Riot for Romance!
Georg Graewe Quintet--Section D--Concert in Berlin 1996
Ming+fs--King County--Hell’s Kitchen

Avengers--The American in Me--12”
n-First Class--A New Tommorow--Beer Fueled Mayhem
n-Agitated--Living Like Garbage--Go Blue, Go Die
Fast Forward--Assume the Position--s/t
Prisonshake--It’s a Ron Kinda World--Spoo 7”
Andre Williams--Car with the Star--Silky
Country Gentlemen--John Hardy--On the Road and More
n-Reigning Sound--I Walk By Your House--Time Bomb High School
n--The Pattern--Mary’s Sister--Real Feelness

Pere Ubu--Final Solution--Terminal Tower
n-TTC--Subway--Ceci N’est Pas Un Disque
n-Tommy McCook and the Super Sonic--Top Secret--Top Secret
Borbetomagus--side a of the record--Snuff Jazz
The Hanatanash--Web Wig--4
Racebannon--Electricity--In the Grips of the Light
The 1985s--Irresistible Force versus the Immovable Mass--7”
c-Sauter-Finngan Orchestra--Swingcussion--Space Age Pop Vol 2 Mallets in Wonderland

The Clash--Bored with the USA--s/t

-I'm totally excited for the sun city girls show at the knitting factory on november 16
-us maple kicked ass at the knitting factory the past tuesday. the song I played was the one where it all clicked for me. and greg, the song was from sang phat editor, not talker. (that track made for a nice transition after the jon rose)
-I think I might have played a few too many "big name" bands today
-pleasant finds of the day: quelectronics, big stick, avengers, prisonshake, borbetomagus, the hanatanash
-I couldn't help but play bored with the usa today. call me corny, but I felt it was the right thing to do


“Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds” Playlist for September 4, 2002 from 10-1

Background: Dmitri Shotakovich-Symphony No. 5

Beastie Boys--Sounds of Science--Paul’s Boutique

c-James Tenney--Spectral Canon for Conlon Nancarrow--Cold Blue
n-RJD2--The Horror-Deadringer
c-4e--XY Ungelost--Electric Ladyland III
Kiss-offs--Bottle Blond--Bottle Blond 7”
n-Sleater-Kinney--Oh!--One Beat
Outsiders--Ain’t Gonna Maiss You--s/t
Eraser Gun--Eatin Right--For What We Are About to Receive
Jesus Lizard--Then Comes Dudley--Goat

n-Myra Melford--Now & Now 2--Alive in the House of Saints
Peter Brotzmann and Bill Laswell--Death Rattle--Low Life
The Rip-Offs!--Wild Jane--7”
Deviants--I’m Coming Home--Ptooff!
n-Die Todliche Doris--Der Letzte Walzer--Nursery Rhymes for the Trio Fools of the Grail
n-Hellacopters--Crimson Ballroom--The Cream of the Crap
Voodoo Queens--Kenuwee Head 7”

Richard Hell--Can’t Keep My Eyes on You--Time
Pixies--Bone Machine--Surfer Rosa
n,c-Bob Keene Orchestra--Swahili--Jungle Jive
n-Calvin Johnson--Lightnin Rod for Jesus--What Was Me
n,c--Rod Poole--Kaledoscopic Sunday-156 Strings
Scorn--Far in Out--Syral
Hot Monkey Side--Sain--Hot Monkey Side/Linda Hock Split 7”
Deerhoof--Halfrabbit Halfdog--Halfbird
n-Subtonix--In Theaters--Tarantism
r-Naked Aggression--Stay Away--Gut Wringing Machine

Special Agents of Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix--The Sky’s Unzipped--Skitchead Split EP 10”
MC5--Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)--Kick Out the Jams
Dalek--Speak Volumes--From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots
Invisible Skratch Piklz vs. Da Klamz uv Deth--Mix Master Mike solo--12”
Avail--Simple Song--4AM Friday
n,c--Channel 3--I’ve Got a Gun--The Very Best of Punk and Disorderly
Statue Factor--AKA Government Child--7” on CD
Prisonshake--I Hear Your Name--I’m Really Fucked Now

3Ds--Leave the Dogs to Play--Hellzappin
Noise Addict--I Wish I Was Here--7”
Rhythm and Noise--Cellar M--Chasms Accord

n-Black Renaissance--Magic Ritual--Body Mind and Spirit

-A few of my friends who I hadn't seen since school let out showed up kinda drunk about an hour into my show. as a result, my talk sets for the last half of the show sucked ass.
-I wish we had the beastie boys "check your head"
-the mix master mike solo from the invisible skratch piklz record is absolutely amazing. I have never heard anyone scratch that fast.
-that black renaissance record is really good


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