traumatic harmony
the pataphysical study of randomized sound

today's show was fun as some friends of mine from my hometown listened and called in. it made my day. yay for friends.

Playlist Friday, may 17, 2002, 8-10 pm

(background music: dmitri shostakovich, viola sonata)

The evolution control committee—rebel without a pause—the whipped cream mixes 7”

Scritti politti—lions after a slumber—12”
Mr quintron—mz dushane—the first two records
Howlin’ wolf—dog me around—ridin in the moonlight
n-dead and gone—future future—the beautician
n-project perfect—rome—pm
moby grape—changes, circles spinning—truly fine citizen

ill ease—dear krazy—live in the holiday sin
bela bartok—viola concerto—viola concerto, etc.
bablicon—rhinoseros—in a different city

royal trux-- yin jin versus the vomit creature—twin infinitives
n,c—bill Monroe and his blue grass boys—get up john—classic bluegrass on Smithsonian folkways
n—nina nastasia—oh my stars—the blackened air
n-genuine electric latin love machine—introducing the neat beat—introducing the neat beat
tim perkis—abandoned dacha—five 7”
geezer lake—movie stars—hearts won’t try this
c-gunshy ministers—matchbox—this is cowtown vol.4

n-the goodheart allen powell trio—accumulation #1—I can climb a tree, I can tie a knot, I can have a conversation
the spiny anteaters—soundcheck—soundcheck 7”
n-the selby tigers—sno ball—the curse of the selby tigers
peter and the test tube babies—I lust for the disgusting—test tube trash
six finger satellite—the well tempered monkey—machine cuisine 10”
bassholes—microscope feeling—when my blue moon turns red again
the oblivians—christina—popular favorites
sweep the leg Johnny—blood lines—sto cazzo!

Ennio morricone—to die is a duty—sacco and vanzetti sountrack 
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