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Playlist for april 19, 2002

The electric prunes—it’s not fair—lost dreams
The electric prunes—are you lovin’ me more (but enjoying it less)—lost dreams

Husker du—8 miles high—8 miles high 7”
US maple—untitled—the wanderer by dion by us maple
The deadly snakes—graveyard shake—I’m not your soldier anymore
n—brain bombs—I wish I was dead she said—cheap ep
new bomb turks—born Toulouse lautrec—destroy-oh-boy

nurse with wound—chance meeting—chance meeting…
current 93—dogun—calling for vanished faces
n,r—pedro the lion—indian summer—control
r-outkast—bombs over Baghdad—stankonia
n-califone—don’t let me die nervous—sometimes good weather follows bad people

n-racebannon—flip ‘n fuck—in the grips of light
c-william hellermann—on the edge of a node—music from the American academy in rome
gravitar—mccoy—now the road of knives

n-u$a$iamonster—snowball earth—citizens of the universe
n-Saturday looks good to me—think about tomorrow—s/t
n-puffball—back on the sauce—the super commando
n,c—the rhythm machine—the kick—funky 16 corners
the dead c—river of lethia—dead c vs sebadoh 7”

the roots—react/respond—iladelph halflife
jay farrar—outside the door—sebastopol
dinosaur jr—kracked—you’re living all over me
dinosaur jr—sludgefest—you’re living all over me

sonic youth—schizophrenia—sister
r-ramones—teenage lobotomy—rocket to Russia
patti smith—gloria—horses
Richard Thompson—calvary cross—richard Thompson live!

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