traumatic harmony
the pataphysical study of randomized sound

two playlists today, one from my normal show, one as a sub.

Playlist for may 10, 2002, 8-10 pm

(background music: glenn branca, symphony no 5)

Unrest—vibe out—unrest c.c.—teen beat

r-eggs—john’s bar mitzvah—bruiser—teen beat
scream—things to do—this side up—discord
n,r—heinous anus—humdinger—s/t
n—splotch—fur—2 million fuckheads 7”—menlo park
n,c—phineas newborn orchestra—calvin’s boogie—it came from Memphis vol. 1
golden millennium—20th century boy—7”
n—hellacopters—hopeless case of a kid in denial—high visibility

the ruins—outburn—compiled 1986-1992
lightning bolt—13 monsters—ride the skies
white stripes—the big three killed my baby—s/t
swearing at motorists—flying pizza—number seven uptown
n,r—dan the automator—stroker ace—wanna buy a monkey?
Frank zappa—the girl in the magnesium dress—the yellow shark
Harry partch—daphne of the dunes—the world of…

Rocket from the tombs—30 seconds over Tokyo—the day the earth met the…
r-di—youth in asia—horse bites dog cries
need new body—20$sh—s/t
n-paul e easter and the cruel shoves—all your friends hate you now—eyeliner 7”
n-central falls—another perfect plan—latitude
r-suck dog—dog—onward suckdog soldiers
four way cross—below the feedback—on the other hand
the volcanoes—whirlpool—surf quake

n-and you will know us by the trail of dead—another morning stoner—source tags and codes
wedding pageant—mothers—lovenest ep
bailterspace—particle accelerator—photon ep

c-william hooker, lee ronaldo, zeena parkins—belief in night—carbon 14 presents east vs west

Playlist for may 14, 2002 1-3 pm (sub show)

(background music: the best of george abdo and his flames of araby

c-nuisance—sweet bird of youth—nuisance/bitchcraft split 7”
fitz of depression—everybody and their dog—10”

faust—meadow meal—faust
r-beat happening—foggy eyes—s/t
n,r-heinous anus—psychosexual cyclone hell—s/t
n-volumizer—two words—gaga for gigi
legendary pink dots—belladonna—the maria dimension
r-belle and sebastian—the boy with the arab strap—the boy with the arab strap
sonic youth—mieux: de corrosion—syr 1

joel bons—sextet—opus 82
pagans—secret agent man—7”
n-fred frith—the blood is black and yellow—accidental
syd barret—no man’s land—the madcap laughs
tom waits—rain dogs—rain dogs
n-q and not u—soft pyramids—on play patterns
n-mondo topless—no more—7”

treepeople—pity—guilt regret embarrassment
Monroe mustang—cat/moth—the elephant sound
Lee hazlewood—long black train—trouble is a lonesome town
n-the most secret method—louise lake—our success
walkabouts—jumping off—so beautiful rattlesnake gardens
coa—my right—smell me, smell my grandfather
c-really red—prostitution—let them eat jellybeans

n-giant sand—johnny hit and run Pauline—cover magazine
n-deerhoof—six holes on a stick—halfbird
c-strike under—anarchy song—busted at oz
pipe—the astronaut suit—ballpeen

n,c—robert lee barton jr, oscar Gonzales—el corride de nogales—heroes and horses

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