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Noise To Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for December 13, 2002 from 6:00-9:30 pm

Background: Gagaku (traditional Japanese court music)

Electric Prunes--I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)--Lost Dreams--Birdman

Panics--I Wanna Kill My Mom--1980-81 Please Panic!--Gulcher
n-The Hunches--Let Me Be--Yes. No. Shut it.--In the Red
c-The Marmalade--I see the Rain--Nuggets 2 Box--Rhino
Sugarcubes--Motorcrash--Motorcrash 12”--Atlantic
ESG--Moody (Spaced Out)--Come Away With...--99
n,c--Bronx River Parkway--Quienes Haverlo (Antes Que Hacarlo)--Up From the Vaults--Soul Fire
Subtonix--Into the Fire--Tarantism--Troubleman
r-Pere Ubu--333-St Arkansas--spinART
r-Big Black--The Model--Songs About Fucking--Touch & Go

Text--Requiem for Ernst-Hugo--s/t--Buddyhead
Sightings--Pitch of My Voice--s/t--Load
Sunshine--The Stardust Angel--Velvet Suicide--Day After
r-Stereolab--John Cage Bubblegum--Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On 2)
Brainiac--Flypaper--Bonsai Superstar--Grass
r,c-Agent Orange--Bloodstains--Bloodstains Across California

n-Paul Lansky--Pattern’s Patterns--Alphabet Book--Bridge
Ellery Eskelin--Transient--Vanishing Point
Von LMO--We’re Not Crazy--Tranceformer--Munster
n-The Spits--Spit me Out--s/t--Slovenly
The Red Krayola--Stand-up--The Red Krayola--Drag City
Twisted Tuta--The Buncacan Song--Play Nice--Oo Disc
David Thomas & Foreigners--The Doorbell--Bay City--Thirsty Ear
n-My Cat is an Alien--Space--Landscapes of an Electric City--Ecstatic Peace

n-We Ragazzi--Forever Surrender 2U--The Ache--Self-Starter Foundation
r-The Monorchid--A Was for Anarchy--Who Put Out the Fire?--Touch & Go
n-The Lost Sounds--Energy Drink and the Long Walk Home--Rat Brains and Microphones--Empty
Squirrel Bait--Hammering So Hard--s/t
c-Dark Angel--The Burning of Sodom--Bullets vol. 1

Groovie Ghoulies--Graveyard Girlfriend--Graveyard Girlfriend 7”--Lookout
c-Cut Chemist--Bunky’s Pick--Bunky’s Pick
r-The Softs--The Poison Tree--1901--Silly Bird
n-The Quails--Memo From the Desk of the Quails--Atmosphere--Inconvenient
Bogblast--Miss Conception--7”
c-Gainer--Bike Ride at Midnight--Ground Rule Double
n-The Piranhas--Bitches Wheel--Erotic Grit Movies--In the Red

Conlon Nancarrow--Study no. 45a--Studies for Player Piano vol. 5
John Fahey and Cul de Sac--Gamelan Guitar--The Epiphany of Glenn Jones
n,c--Doug Wallin--Omie Wise--Classic Mountain Songs--Smithsonian Folkways
Noise Addict--Filthy--Def 10”--Ecstatic Peace
Velvet Monkeys--Velvet Monkeys (Theme Song)--Future
R.L. Burnside--Alice May--Burnside on Burnside--Fat Possum
Siouxsie and the Banshees--Overground--The Peel Sessions

Supercharger--You Irritate Me--Goes Way Out--Estrus
n-The Girls--These Things--Live at the Rathskeller--Abaton
Jim Black/AlasNoAxis--Myndir Now--Splay
Bongwater--Ride My Seesaw--Breaking New Ground
Scientists--Set it on Fire--Blood Red River

Karlheinz Stockhausen--Stimmung

-the show started early because there was no top 10 show. I left early to go bowling and left the stockhausen running
-lots of fun stuff today. favorites: sugarcubes, ESG, sunshine, brainiac, paul lansky, twisted tuta, bogblast, gainer, supercharger, forcefield.
-apparently someone has taken the stations copy of the first lost sounds record (along with a songs:ohia, kronos quartet, and the can't stop it comp). that was definitely the better of their records, at least in my mind.
-pretty good requests today. I especially liked the monorchid
-no show for me until jan 10. I'm going home for the holidays. 

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