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Playlist for January 18, 2003 from 2 to 4 pm

Background: Phil Niblock - YPGTPN - XI

The Feelies - Forces at Work - Crazy Rhythms

n-Scene Creamers - Better All the Time - I Suck on that Emotion - Drag City
Arcwelder - Attic - Xerxes - Touch and Go
n,r-The Streets - Let’s Push Things Forward - Original Pirate Material
n-Raymond Scott - Rococo - Kodachrome - Basta
M. Gira and D. Matz - Cold Creeping - What We Did
n-Matthew Shipp - Nu Matrix - Equilibrium - Thirsty Ear
Einstürzende Neubauten - Armenia (live) - Strategies Against Architecture II - Mute

Misery Index - Sixth Finger - Power of 3 7”
The Victims - High School Girl - All Loud on the Western Front
n-The Gloryholes - Selfish - Want a Divorce
Nudge Squidfish - Wormwood Scrubs - Shitcanned
c-Ewan McColl - Legal-Illegal - Selections from The Best of Broadside - Smithsonian Folkways
The Clash - Career Opportunity - s/t
Gang of Four - Ether - Entertainment - Warner
Public Enemy - You’re Gonna Get Yours - Yo! Bum Rush the Show - Def Jam

n-Palais Schaumburg - Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt - s/t - Tapete
Persons - Untitled #1 - The Lainmeyers are Persons
Scissor Girls - 1:4 - Static Land 10” - Load
n-Bert Switzer - The Rebel - 1977-2002
Crass - Shaved Women - Best Before 1984
Lovechild - The Rose is a Thorn - Witchcraft

n-Henry Flynt - Sky Turned Red - Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol. 1 - Locust
Momus - Loitapop Dollhouse - Ping Pong - Le Grande Magistery
Black Kali Ma - Shakin’ the Nun - You Ride the Pony (I’ll be the Bunny) - Alternative Tentacles
n-Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel - Citizen’s Arrest - Something/Everything! - K

Fantomas - Pages 1-3 - Book 1: Pages 1-30 - Ipecac

-last minute sub take 3. no show yesterday b/c I traded with jannon so I could print pictures. no show for the next 2 weeks, since I"ll be in central europe.
-favorites: matthew shipp, palais schaumburg, gira and matz, scissor girls, crass, ewan mccoll,  

Playlist for January 16, 2003 from 1-5 pm (sub)

Background: Pell Mell - Bumper Crop

n-Matthew Shipp--Equilibrium--Equilibrium--Thirsty Ear

Trust Fund Babies--Can’t Trust Me--7”
Moving Targets--Away From Me--Fall
Fibulator--track 15--Unhammerlike--Silly Bird
n,r-Sugarman 3 and Co--Funky So-and-so--Pure Cane Sugar--Desco
Kinski--Semaphore--Air Above Your Station--SubPop
The Clean--Point That Thing Somewhere Else--In-a-Live

Tony Conrad and Faust--From the Side of Woman and Mankind--Outside the Dream Syndicate--Table of the Elements
Ranaldo and the Loaf--16 Going on 17--...Play Struvé and Snuff
n-Orchestra Baobab--Dee Moo Wóor--Specialist in All Styles--Nonesuch

n-We Ragazzi--Forever Surrender 2 U--The Ache--Self-Starter Foundation
Lungfish--To Whom You Were Born--Sound in Time--Dischord
Kill the Man Who Questions--In His Service--7”
n-Drive Like Jehu--New Math--Yank Crime--Swami
Gone--Peter Gone--Let’s Get Real, Real Gone for a Change--SST
Deerhoof--Littleness--Halfbird--Menlo Park
Vincent Gallo--Cracks--When--Warp

Mountain Goats--New Star Song--Beautiful Rat Sunset 10”
Cocteau Twins--Garland--BBC Sessions--Ryko
n,r--Drive Like Jehu--Bullet Train to Vegas--Yank Crime--Swami
n-Captured by Robots--LA Tonight--s/t
c-Crankshaft--Eleanor--Headstart to Purgatory
c-Puff Tube--Rhythm #2--3128 Seconds over Cleveland
Blackalicious--Passion--Blazing Arrow--MCA
Azalia Snail--Please Don’t Come (Here)--Fmarole Rising

n-Scott Fields Ensemble--Pissed--From the Diary of Dog Drexel
Pointless Orchestra--Concussions--Approaching Totality
The Hanatarash--Anti Satori--4

Roxy Music--The Thrill of it All--Country Life
Bauhaus--Party of the First Part--Swing the Heartache (Peel Sessions)
Throbbing Gristle--Playground--Rafters
Thumbnail--Elktyczne--Red! Dead!
Dillinger 4--Noble Stabbings--Situationist Comedy--Fat Wreck
n-Piranhas--The Great Glitter Nest--Erotic Grit Movies--In the Red
Pagans--Not Now, No Way--Buried Alive
Panthers--Up Against the Wall--Are You Down--Troubleman Unlimited
Polvo--Every Holy Shroud--Celebrate the New Dark Age--Merge
n-Earth--Divine and Bright--Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars Live
Old Time Relijun--Hot Oven--Uterus and Fire--K
n-Zeehas; 12 Wait--I Want Results--To the Maxxxxxxx--s/r
Sly Stone--I Ain’t Got Nobody--Recorded in San Francisco 1964-67
n-Earth Wind and Fire--Mighty Mighty--The Essential--Columbia
c-Cornell Campbell--Music Keep on Playing--Solid Gold From the Vaults vol. 1--Trojan

c-UTFO--Roxanne Roxanne--History of Rap I
TTC--[Je n’arrive pas à] Danser--Ceci N’est Pas Un Disque--Big Dada
n-DJ Vadim--Ghetto Rebel--USSR: The Art of Listening--Ninja Tune
n-Dim Dim--Los Gitanos--Kiwi
n-Dino Felipe--Strictly Genericize--Xanaconversex
n-Safety Scissors vs. Kit Clayton--1-3--Ping Pong--Carpark
Machine Gun TV--Come--Touch

The 1-4-5s--This is How You Rock--Rock Invasion--Estrus
Techno Animal--Toxicity--Radio Hades

-yet another last second sub. only thought I was doing 2 hours, but then had to do 4. hence the raggedness of the second half.
-favorites: Sly Stone, UTFO, Puff Tube, Ronaldo and the Loaf, The Clean, probably more that I can't remember 

Classical Playlist for January 14, 2003, 8:30-11:00

Format: composer-title-performer-label-catalog number

Ernst Von Dohnanyi--Serenade for String Trio--Domus--Virgin Classics--45015
Elliot Carter--Eight Etudes and a Fantasy for Woodwind Quartet--New York Woodwind Quintet--Boston Skyline--BSD 137
Ludwig Van Beethoven--String Quartet Op. 131 in c-sharp minor--Cleveland Quartet--Telarc Digital--80425
Alexander Scriabin--Piano Sonata no. 5 in F-sharp Major--Glenn Gould--Sony Classical--SM2K52622
Sir Malcolm Arnold--Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano Op. 53--Emma Johnson, Clarinet; Malcolm Martineau, Piano--Academy Sound and Vision--CD DCA 922
Claude Debussy--Sonata for Violin and Piano (1917)--Hugh Magnire, Violin; Ian Brown, Piano--Chandos--Chan 8385
Mahler--from Lieder and Gesange, "Nicht wiedensehen!" "Zu Strassburg auf der schanz" "Selbstgefühl"--Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Baritone; Leonard Bernstein, Piano--Sony Classical--SMK 61847
Gyorgy Ligeti--Six Nonsense Madrigals--King Singers--Sony Classical--SK 62311
Paul Lansky--Pettern’s Patterns--Alphabet Book (album)--Bridge--Bridge 9126

-subbed for classical this morning. lots of fun. if classical weren't so early, I'd do more shows.
-ligeti nonsense madrigals are very cool. a cappella with interesting harmonies. great stuff
-I liked just about everything I played today. 

Noise to Annihilate a few seconds Playlist for January 13, 2002, 1:30-4:00

n-Pere Ubu--sad.txt--Slow Walking Daddy 7"--Smog Veil
n-Thalia Zedek--Everything Unkind--You're a Big Girl Now
n-Henry Flynt--White--Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 2--Locust
n,c-"22," Little Red, Tangle Eye, and Hard Hair--Early in the Morning--The Land Where Blues Began--Rounder
Can--Oh Yeah--Tago Mago--Mute
n-Palais Schaumburg--Madonna--S/t
De La Soul--Pass the Dead

Cheater Slicks--I've Been Had--Skidmarks
The Fucking Champs--Esprit de Corpse--IV--Drag City
The Melvins--Grinding Process--Melvins EP
The Ex--Burst! Crack! Split!--Smoggers and Joggers
Bunny Brains--On the Floor Again--Sin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy)--Menlo Park
ABCs--Tiny Surgeons--S/t--Troubleman Unlimited
Go!--King of Nothing--Your Power Means Nothing 7"
Nurse With Wound, Chris Wallis, Peat Bog--Angle--The Swinging Reflective

Pink Faries--Do It--1969-1970: Do It
n,c--Liars--Rose and Licorice--Atheists Reconsider--Arena Rock
r-Flogging Molly--May the Living Be Dead (in Our Wake)--Drunken Lullabies
c-The Daktaris--Upside Down--100% Pure Funk
n,r--Sigur Ros--1--()
God is My Co-Pilot--Hair in Mouth--Speed Yr Trip
Jawbreaker--Equalized--Busy 7"
Rhys Chatham--Drastic Classicism (edit)--Compendium
Bugskull--Inhuman--Phantasies and Sensations
n-Bellini--Patience and Passion in Brown Gloves--Snowing Sun

u-ziq--Mr Angry--In Pine Effect
Pitchblende--Karoshi--Au Jus
Dm Bob & the Deficits--Two Headed Woman--Bush Hog'n Man
Cobra Verde--A Story I Can Sell--Egomania (Love Songs)
c-Slaughter Joe--I Follow You Down--Patron Saints of Teenage
The Pastels--Kitted Out--Truckload of Trouble
n-Sugarman 3 and Co--Boscos Blues--Pure Cane Sugar

Elliot Sharp--Hudson River #7--The 70s

-special emergency edition of my show today. there was some miscommunication and thus I had to do a show. I'm actually fairly happy with the show though.
-favorites of the day: can, nurse with wound etc, god is my co-pilot, pastels, sugarman 3
-henry flynt is officially my favorite fluxus member (what that says about me, having a favorite fluxus member, is for you to decide). that back porch hillbilly blues is so wonderful beautiful.
-palais shaumberg is totally awesome german new/no wave/art punk from 1981. that's second track I've heard from it, both of which have been great.
-I officially can't deal with sigur ros. I think I'm missing something that I don't mind missing.
-calls of the day: someone called in when I played the slaughter joe saying he never thought he'd hear that on the radio. also got a caller from philly who was listening to prb for the first time. it was fun filling him in briefly on what we are. 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for January 10, 2003

Background: Sun Ra--Piano Solos

Sleater-Kinney--Get Up--The Hot Rock

Drive Like Jehu--Here Come the Rome Plows--Yank Crime
King Diamond--Victimized--Conspiracy
r-Six Finger Satellite--Love (via Satellite)--The Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird
Clay--Kim I Hate You--7”
Sonic Youth--Shadow of a Doubt--Evol
n-Taking Pictures--Faces, Swearing--Friends are Ghosts

Electric Eels--Natural Situation--The Eyeball of Hell
Birthday Party--Zoo Music Girl--Hits
n-Dan Melchior’s Broke Review--Hungry Ghost--Bitterness, Spite, Rage, and Scorn
n-Radio Zumbido--Livingston Bazz--Los Ultimos Dias Del AM
Michael Moore, Tristan Horsinger, Cor Fuhler--Budnike--Monitor
Dinosaur Jr--Poledo--You’re Living All Over Me
n-Larry Polansky--#6--Four Voice Cannons

Don Howland--Desdemona--The Land Beyond the Mountains
r-Diamanda Galás--Confessional (Give Me Sodomy or Give Me Death)--Plague Mass
r-The Gits--Another Shot of Whiskey--Frenching the Bully
n-Arno Kleni--I Don’t Wanna Know--7”
Anti Pop Consortium--Human Shield--Arrhythmia
n-Mr Lif--The Now--I Phantom
EMPD--Big Payback--Out of Business

Pet UFO--Rectal Tear--Pigasus
n-Lftr Pllr--Secret Santa Cruz--Soft Rock
Mike Rep and the Quotas--Aliens in Our Midst--split with Screamin’ Mee Mees
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks--Freuding Flop/Baby Doll--Everything
Shadow Ring--The Way of the World--Hold Onto ID
Harry Partch--Scene 1--The Bewitched
Devo--Jocko Homo--Hardcore Devo Vol. 1

n-Abilene--Fellini--Two Guns, Twin Arrows
n-Radon--Welcome Home--We Bare All
n,c--Chris Leo/Dälek/The Oktopus--Infinite Paths--Insound Tour Support Vol. 1
n-Ikara Colt--City of Glass--Chat and Business
c-Nation of Ulysses--N.U.O. Cooking With Gas--Kill Rock Stars
Mission of Burma--Learn How--Catalog Sampler

Paul Flaherty/Randall Colbourne Sextet--Part 2--Ringtow

-I don't think today's show was any good. lots of generic stuff. I think the diamonda galas threw me off for good. either that or listening to most of greg's (excellent) show today while working in the studio.
-favorites of the day: drive like jehu, six finger satellite, clay, michael moore etc, larry polansky.

Noise Annihilates Top 21s

2002 is over. This means that it's time to put together a best of list. my list has assumed numerous forms in the past couple weeks as I continued to edit it and discover albums I had forgotten about. I had originally planned on having seperate lists for new releases, reissues, and compilations. but I'm not that creative, so I just lumped them all into one large list. if that bothers you, too fucking bad. it's my list and not yours. I'm pretty sure at some point soon there will be a full set of WPRB DJ best of lists on WPRB's website, though I don't know when. so here's my list. enjoy.

Top 21

1. COUNTRY TEASERS - Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire - In The Red
2. CONSONANT - Consonant - Fenway
3. DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Kinderringellreihen Fur Wahren Toren Des Grals - Psychedelic Pig
4. SONIC YOUTH - Murray Street - Geffen / SY, ICP, THE EX - In The Fishtank - Konkurrent
5. THE DANCING CIGARETTES - 1980-1981: The Gulcher Recordings - Gulcher
6. V/A - The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan - Smithsonian Folkways
7. ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - The Day the Earth Met... - Smog Veil
8. MALARIA! - Compiled 1981-84 - Moabit
9. THE HELLACOPTERS - Cream of the Crap - Gearhead
10. V/A - Songs In The Key of Z Volume 2 - Gammon
11. EL-P - Fantastic Damage / FanDamPlus - Definitive Jux
12. DON HOWLAND - Land Beyond The Mountains - Birdman
13. RUINS - 1986-92 - Skin Graft / Tzamborgha - Ipecac
14. V/A - Can't Stop It: Australian Post Punk 1978-82 - Chapter
15. HOT SNAKES - Suicide Invoice - Swami
16. DÄLEK - From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots - Ipecac
17. STICK MEN WITH RAY GUN - Some People Deserve to Suffer - Emperor Jones
18. THEORETICAL GIRLS - Theoretical Girls - Acute
19. SPEED KING - The Fist and the Laurels - Tiger Style
20. IANNIS XENAKIS - Peresepolis/Remixes - Asphodel
21. V/A - La Musica Della Mafia - PIAS

Honorable Mention

FAUST - Patchwork - Staubgold
THE MISS - No Radio - Morphius
PAUL LANSKY - Alphabet Book - Bridge
ORTHRELM/TOUCHDOWN - Split CD - Troubleman
V/A - Afro-Rock Vol. 1 - Evolver
V/A - Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player: Live From WFMU - WFMU
V/A - Kicksville Vol. 2 - Norton
V/A - Africa Raps - Trikont
MATTHEW SHIPP - Songs - Splasc(h)
MAT MANERI - Sustain - Thirsty Ear
SUBTONIX - Tarantism - Troubleman
TOM WAITS - Alice/Blood Money - Anti-
DAVID S WARE - Freedom Suite - AUM Fidelity
BROTHER AH - Move Ever Onward - Ikef
KRONOS QUARTET - Nuevo - Nonesuch
THE PIRANHAS - Erotic Grit Movies - In The Red
VON LMO - Future Language - Munster

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