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Noise to Annihilate a Few Second Playlist for November 22, 2002 from 7-10 pm

Background: Ennio Morricone--Soundtrack to A Fistful of Dollars


Teengenerate--My GTO--Let’s Go to the Hop 10”
n-Ikara Colt--Belgravia--Chat and Business

n-Lozenge--Mr Fancypants--Mishap
Melt Banana--Surfin USA--MxBx 1998/13000 Miles at Light Velocity
r-The Roots--The Next Movement--Things Fall Apart
Bootsy Collins--Stretchin’ Out(In a Rubber Band)--Anthology
Static--Don’t Let Me Stop You--Theoretical Record 7”
Trash--Screech of a Bird--Gate

Last Exit--Pig Freedom--Last Exit
r-Fitz of Depression--Everybody and Their Dog--10”
n-Larry Polansky--The Caston Variation--Change
Dmitri Shostakovich--Symphony 10, mvt 2--Philadelphia Orchestra
r-Velvet Underground--Heroin--Velvet Underground and Nico
The Kinks--Got My Feet on the Ground--Kinda Kinks
n-Johnny Cash--The Caretaker--Songs of Our Soil
c-Unwound--Behold the Salt--All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1
n,c-Aesop Rock--Train Buffer--Urban Renewal Program
Kid606--Juvenile Hall Rollcall--Down With the Scene

Derek Bailey and the Ruins--Odangdoh--Saisoro
r-The Faint--As The Doctor Talks--Media
Mofungo--Ronnie Thinks He Can Rock and Roll--Fredrick Douglass
n-Pavement--Shoot the Singer(1 Sick Verse)--Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe and Reduxe
Guitar Wolf--Planet Heart--Planet of the Wolves
n-Greenhornes--Satisfy My Mind--Dual Mono
Isocracy--Rodeo--Bedtime for Isocracy

n-Piranhas--Sound Mutilation--Erotic Grit Movies
Mars--Helen Forsdale--78+
n-Royal Trux--K9 to the Core--Hand of Glory
r-The Fall--Just Step S’ways--Hex Enduction Hour
Takehisa Kosugi--3--Violin Improvisations
r-Sebadoh--Soul and Fire--Bubble and Scrape
Codeine--Smoking Room--The White Birch
n-Brother Ah--Love Piece--Sound Awareness

Chrome--The Monitors--Alien Soundtrack
Pachinko--Lesbians or Lovers--El Diablo en Se?orita
Matching Mole--Nan’s True Hole--Little Red Record
John Zorn--Black--Elegy
n,c--White Cloud Hunters Mardi Gras Indians--Sew Sew Sew--Blues Routes
Albert Ayler--Vibrations--Vibrations

c-Carl Perkins--Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing--The Sun Box

-I was so much happier with today's show than last weeks
-finds of the day: teengenerate, mofungo, static, takehisa kosugi, albert ayler, last exit, brother ah
-that ikara colt record is really good. as is that melt banana cover of surfin usa (I have to say the melt banana show last night fucked rocked. even better than when I saw them last time.)
-I know I'm a little late to join the fan club, but the more I listen to that consonant record, the more I like it. I just got a copy a couple weeks ago, so I'm just now really starting to digest it. 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for November 15, 2002 from 7-10pm

Background: Eric Dolphy--Eric Dolphy--Prestige

Cannibal Ox--Raspberry Fields--Cold Vein--Def Jux

Sun City Girls--On the Sign/Way Over the Rainbow--Valentines for Matahari--Majora
Thuja--Track 3--Suns--Emperor Jones
r-Evolution Control Committee--Rocked by Rape--Rocked by Rape
n-Add N to (X)--Total All Out Water--Loud Like Nature--Mute
Uncle Wiggly--Trust--The Was an Elk
Steven Swartz--Simple Joys--Pippin Original Cast Recording
New Tweedy Brothers--I Can See It--s/t

Replacements--I Hate Music--Sorry, Ma Forgot to Take Out the Trash
Starlight Desperation--What I Want--Go Kill Mice
r-And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead--Mistakes and Regrets--Madonna
r-Spaceman Three--Walkin With Jesus(Sound of Confusion)--The Singles
n-Taking Pictures--Faces, Snearing--Friends and Ghosts
c-Endtables--Process of Elimination--Bloodstains Across the Midwest
Paul Newman--Astroglide--Frames Per Second
n-Liars--Pillars Were Hollow and Filled With Candy, So We Tore Them Down--Fins to Make us More Fishlike EP
Minutemen--Search--the Punch Line

Blood Brothers--March on Electric Children--March on Electric Children
Braid--The New Nathan Detroits--Frame and Canvas
n-Demons--Blackballed--Stockholm Slump
Butthole Surfers--Moving to Florida--Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis 12”
Shell--Guillotine...--Shell is Swell
n-Mr Lif--Status--I Phantom
n-Nathan Michel--Hello (Constant Sorrow)--abc def

3--Empathy--Dark Days Coming
Oblivians--Mad Lover/Blew My Cool--The Best of the Worst
Menstruation Sisters--Bang Boong--Dead at Slugs
Dead C--Constellations--Harsh 70s Reality
n,c-Thoth--The Herma Scene 5: Recitation/An--Songs in the Key of Z vol. 2
n,c-Rod Poole--Kaledoscopic Sunday--156 Strings
Plague Lounge--Floating--The Wicker Image

n-Sonic Youth, ICP, the Ex--V--In the Fishtank
Zeena Parkins--Dreaming Lips--No Way Back
n-Henry Flynt--Raga Electric--Raga Electric
n-Shadow Ring--The Riverside--Lindus
3ds--Sing Song--Fish Tales/Swarthy Songs for Swabs
Mikey Wild and the Magic Lantern--I Wuz a Punk Before You Were a Punk--I Was a Punk B4 You Were a Punk
Descendents--Everything Sucks--Everything Sucks

-the descendents song pretty much summed up my show. by all acounts it was pretty awful. it started out well and ended ok, but the middle was absolutely terrible. I had no flow and played a lot of mediocre to bad music in the middle. it took playing droney noise for a good 20 minutes to give me some kind of flow back for the end.
-it was also my birthday the day of this show, so I was not so pleased that it sucked ass.
-highlights: thoth, mikey wild, zeena parkins, shell, dead c. I actually enjoyed a bunch of the songs individually (the scg, thuja, autobody, butthole surfers, mr lif, etc), but there was no continuity between songs, so my show was just bad. 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for November 8, 2002 from 8:45-12pm

Background: Eric Satie--Piano Music

n-d?lek--Revenge of the Circuit Burners rmx--Ruin It--Tigerbeat6
n-Wolf Eyes--Side 2--Fuck Pete Larsen--Bulb

Blond Redhead--Melody of Certain Three--Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons--Touch and Go
Moviola--Color Copy--Frantic 10”
Dif Juz--CS--Soundpool--4AD
n-Spectrum--Quiabo’s--Geracio Bendita--Shadocks
n-Raymond Scott--Egyptian Summer--Kodachrome--Basta
Jad Fair and Teenage Fanclub--Behold the Miracle--Alternative Tentacles
Crackerbash--4 Ltrs--Crackerbash--Empty
Jesus Lizard--Gladiator--Liar--Touch and Go
Metallica--Trapped Under Ice--Ride the Lightning

n-Dukes of Hamburg--Women--Some Folks--Gearhead
n-Bad Wizard--Love Machine--Sophisticated Mouth--Tee Pee
Birthday Party--King Ink--Live 81-82--4AD
c-Sparkmaker--Tarmack--Universal Choking Sign
Merel--So Lovely Warmth--Merel--Gern Blandsten
r-Slayer--Angel of Death--Reign in Blood--Def Jam
Virgil Moorefield--Wish I’d Thought of It Sooner--The Temperature in Hell is Three Thousand Degrees--Tzadik
Lo Pop Diamonds--Techno 80--Magical Power Mako--Atavistic
n-MC Paul Barman--Paullelujah!--Paullelujah!

n-Mat Maneri--Nerve--Sustain--Thirsty Ear
Slint--Washer--Spiderland--Touch and Go
Dis--Helen--M386.D57 1994--Twelve Inch
n-The Feud--WYR Fingers for the Young Ghost Alliance--Language is Technology
The Rip-offs--Shadow--Got a Record
Orchid--I am Neitzche--Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow--Ebullition
Country Teasers--I’m a New Person, Ma’am--Science Hat, Artistic Cube, Moral Nosebleed Empire--In the Red
r-David Bowie--Suffragette City--The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
Dirtbombs--I Can’t Stop Thinking About It--Hordog Fest--In the Red

Melt Banana--Flash Cube, or Eyeball--Teeny Shiny--A-zap
Fireballs of Freedom--The Halls of Sonic Splendor--Total Fucking Blowout--Estrus
r-Big Black--Passing Complexion--Death Wish
n-Stick Men With Ray Gun--Satan Baby--Some People Deserve to Suffer--Emperor Jones
Swans--Half Life--Cop
Fitz of Depression--No Movie Tonight--Swing
The Skunks--Gimme Some--7”
Q65--So High I’ve Been, So Down I Must Fall--Revival
n-Flamin’ Groovies--Slow Death--Slow Death--Norton

Frogs--Gather Round for Savior #2--It’s Only Right and Natural
Momus--Who is Mr Jones--Little Red Songbook--La Grand Magistery
Foetus--Instead…I become Anemone--Ache
Residents--Blue Rosebud--Duck Stab
Carlos Malcolm and His Afro-Jamaican Rhythms--Wings of a Dove--The Royal Ska
c-Centurions--Bullwinkle Pt II--Surf Monsters--Del-fi
MX-80 Sound--It’s Not My Fault--Out of Control

Merzbow--Bernad Günter Untitled 2--Scumtron

-I wasn't supposed to have a show, then Dr Cosmo couldn't come in, so I got to do a full show.
-Many good segues today. Especially in the second half
-favorites of the day: foetus, mat maneri, residents, virgil moorefield, birthday party.
-I don't like being after sports. it feels like nobody's listening. 

Playlist for October 31, 2002, 11pm-1:20am

Background: Gregorian Chant

Plunderphonics--z24--69 Plunderphonics 96--Seeland

The Fall--Frightened--Live at the Witch Trials
Throbbing Gristle--Maggot Death--Second Annual Report
United States of America--Coming Down--United States of America
c-Watts-Cool American--Estrus 100% Apeshit Rock Sampler--Estrus
n-Flaming Sideburns--Up in Flames--Save Rock ‘n’ Roll--Jetset
Geezer Lake--Sages--7” picture disk
The Thing--Austere Precautions--10”--Mint Tone

Jimmy Cliff--The Harder They Come--The Harder They Come Sountrack
n-Allen Ginsberg--CIA Dope Calypso--New York Blues--Locust
n,c--Gary Mullis--Recitation About Roy Acuff--Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 2
c-Clarence Ashley--The House Carpenter--Anthology of American Folk Music
n-Bill Monroe--Roanoke--The Very Best of Bill Monroe
John Fahey and his Orchestra--Dry Bones in the Valley--Old Fashioned Love
Fred Frith--The Blood is Black and Yellow--Accidental

Run DMC--My Adidas--Raising Hell
n,c--The Highlighters--Poppin’ Popcorn--Peanut Butter Wolf’s Jukebox 45s
n-Soul Junk--9 Stitches for Broken Fan Belt--1938
Stereolab--Elektro--Low-fi 10”
n,c--William Loughborough--For the Big Horn--Electric Kabuki Mambo--Locust
When People Where Shorter and Lived by the Water--excerpt from side 1--Porgy
Ground Zero--Paraiso 1--Revolutionary Pekinese Opera
Pere Ubu--Life Stinks--The Modern Dance
Roger Miller--Space is the Place--Oh
Siezure--Fuck it Baby--Seriously Delirious
Pussy Galore--Sweet Little Hi Fi--Live: In the Red

n-David Dunn--Wildflowers--Four Electroacoustic Compositions

-This show was a sub after the Strong Little Legs Halloween Marathon. Other that that, no comments 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for November 1, 2002 from 7-10pm

Background: Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, and Mat Maneri--Three Men Walking--ECM

Jandek--Approaching the City--White Box Requiem--Corwood Industries

n-Diverse--Certified--Build 12”--Chocolate Industries
Radio 4--Start a Fire--Gotham--Gern Blandsten
r-Vaz--Amateur Spark Era--Demonstration in Micronesia--Load
Fireballs of Freedom--Viva La Gato--7”--Empty
Richard Hell--Shattered--Time--Matador
Radon--Two Feet--Radon--No Idea

Bullet La Volta--Dead Wrong--Bullet La Volta--Taang!
n-Isis--The Beginning and the End--Oceanic--Ipecac
Gravitar--McCoy (Live)--You Must Learn to Draw the Real
Pitchfork--Drop Dead--Eucalyptus--Nemesis

R.E.M.--Radio Free Europe--Eponymous--IRS
r-French Kicks--Arena--French Kicks--My Pal God
The Boggs--How Long?--We are the Boggs We Are--Arena Rock
n-John Fahey--The Last Steam Engine Train--The Best of John Fahey 1959-1977--Takoma
John Corbett and Heavy Friends--Speed Hump--I’m Sick About My Had--Atavistic
c-Treepeople--Boiled Bird--4 on the Floor 7”
r-The Stooges--Search and Destroy--Raw Power--Columbia

r-Dead Kennedys--Kill the Poor--Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
n-Gogol Bordello--Smarkateh--Multikontraculti vs Irony
Gerty Farish--Rungbutt--Save the Ants 10”
Built to Spill--Reason--There’s Nothing Wrong With Love
n-Microphones--Where It’s Hotter pts 1, 2, 3--Song Island--K
Human Hands--I Got Mad--Human Hands
n-Wire--Read and Burn--Read and Burn 2--Pink Flag
Die Kreuzen--Dirt and Decay--Die Kreuzen--Touch and Go

Tom Waits--Starvin in the Belly of a Whale--Blood Money--Anti
n-Monotrona--Ah, Enemy--Hawkeye and Firebird--Menlo Park
Bombay the Hard Way--Kundan’s Hideout--Guns, Cars, and Sitars
Acme Rocket Company--Hey Hey Hey--Acme Rocket Company/Pell Mell split 7”
Death Ambient--Alchemy--Death Ambient--Tzadik
n-Negativland--Arbory Hill--Death Sentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak--Seeland
Rrope--Jingle Jangle--Mahogonny--Silly Bird

n-Numbers--Tu Life--Numbers/Emergency split 12”
c--ISM--Proud to be Guilty--The Big Apple: Rotten to the Core
Bassholes--Pneumonia--Haunted Hill--In the Red
r-Fugazi--Do You Like Me--Red Medicine--Dischord
r-Ramones--I wanna Be Your Boyfriend--Anthology--Rhino
r-Echo and the Bunnymen--Back of Love--Porcupine
n-Agitated--Living Like Garbage--Go Blue, Go Die--Smog Veil

c-Lightning Bolt--Pee Filled Longstockings--US Pop Life Vol 12, Tribute to Ft. Thunder
n,c-Morty Shan and the Morticians--Movin’ In--Kicksville Vol. 2--Norton

Casper Br?tzmann Massaker--B?hmen--Home--Thirsty Ear

-the last 45 minutes of this show were insanely hectic and I'm not quite sure why.
-just about as many people called in with requests this week as last week, but lots of them were just bad. some guy wanted to hear the new nirvana single. even if we had it, there's no way in hell I'd play it, since it's being played on every other station in the country.
-the vaz was probably the most interesting request of the night.
-I love john fahey. we need to play this record all the fucking time, it's so good!
-I did the top 10 show immediately before this one, which was kinda bizarre.

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