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Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds
Playlist for August 11, 2003, 7-10pm

Background: Wendy Carlos - Beauty in the Beast

Hellacopters - Misanthropic High - Cream of the Crap - Gearhead

Glen Valez - Bodhran - Internal Combustion - Schematic
Spunk - Return - Denøvesto toppen på en blåmalt flaggstang - Rune Grammofon
United States of America - Garden of Earthly Delights - s/t - Columbia
N - Bardo Pond - Test - On the Ellpse - ATP
N - Consonant - Dumb Joy - Love and Affliction - Fenway
N - All Girl Summer Fun Band - Drawbridge - Summer of ’89 - Magic Marker

Charlie Rich - Everything I do is Wrong (2) - Original Hits and Midnight Demos - Sun
N - Reverend Charlie Jackson - God’s Got It - God’s Got It - Case Quarter
Red Krayola - Chemistry - 95 7” - Drag City
DAF - Co Co Pino - Die Kleinen und Die Bösen - Mute
Speedking - Millionth Monkey - The Fist and the Laurels - Tigerstyle
N - Die Monitr Bats - Weaponsssssss - Youth Controllers - Dim Mak
N - Starvations - Hide and Go Seek - Get Well Soon - GSL


Ornette Coleman - Theme From a Symphony (Variation 1) - Dancing in Your Head - A&M
Marshall Allen, Hamid Drake, Kidd Jordan, William Parker, and Alan Silva - II - The All-Star Game - Eremite
Leroy Jenkins - Kick Back Stomp - Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America - Tomato

N - Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble - Unity - On the Beach - Aestuarium
Rova - Sidelines - Favorite Street - Black Saint
C - The Goodies - “Live” on WRAS-FM - Radio Odyssey 2 - Altered
N - Constantines - Tank Commander - Night Time EP - SubPop
C - Hudson-Styrene - Back in Hell - A Monster and the Devil - Tinnitus
Martin Denny - Temptation - Afro-Desin - Scamp
Spectre - Spawn - The Second Coming - Wordsound

French Kicks - Arena - s/t - My Pal God
N - Tonsils - Elephant Man - Split 7” with Explosion
C - Bango - Inferno No Mundi - Love, Peace, & Poetry - QDK
N - Apparat Organ Quartet - Stereo Rock and Roll - s/t - TMT
R - Pitchblende Quartet - Squeezing from the Mole Jug - Gygax - Headhunter
N - Hair Police - Night Visitors - Split CD-R - SNSE
C - Ed Pias - Morocco - Untitled(ten) - Extreme
N - Voltaire Brothers - Funky Motion - I Sing the Booty Electric - Fall of Rome
C - Joe Tex - Show Me - Before the Commitments - ATCO

N - Black Dice - Endless Happiness (EYE Remix) - Cone Toaster 12” - DFA

-this show featured a bunch of new purchases for the station from new york, as well as an hour of free jazz that I just recently purchased from the record exchange in my single largest music purchase ever.
-meet the new consonant record, same as the old consonant record. but that doesn't matter, because it's a damn great kind of sameness.
-the starvations is one of my favorite new records of the summer. sounds very much like the gun club, in that good drunken honky-tonk kind of way.
-the riff from the ornette coleman record is simultaneously totally irritating yet totally infectious and wonderful. I have no complaints.
-nice to hear marshall allen do something other than arkestra stuff. I'm pretty sure that all he can do anymore is make crazy outrageous skronks, but he does a good job of it.
-martin denny is an exotica artist from the late 50s-early 60s. this is a great example of his total ridiculousness.
-no show for 3 weeks for me as I'm going to be wandering around italy. hopefully I'll be back with all sorts of fun stuff to play(or at least good olive oil, wine, and cheese). see you all in september.  
not necessarily easy music

Arcana 8/11/03

C - Ron Geesin - Duet for One-String Banjo and Water Cistern - Not Necessarily “English Music” - EMF

Robert Ashley - The Bar pt 1 - Perfect Lives - Lovely
R - Klaus Schulze - Wahnfriend 1883 - The Essential - Caroline
C - Spontaneous Music Orchestra - Search and Reflect - Not Necessarily “English Music” - EMF

N,C - ?? - ?? - Low Noise Quality Tape - Kraag
Chris Brown - Duo - Duets - Artifact
N,C - Tweezers - 1-4 - Singles #2 - Bulb

Robert Ashley - The Bar pt 2 - Perfect Lives - Lovely
R - Harry Partch - 5 Undergrads Become Transfigured in a Hong Kong Music Hall - The Bewitched - CRI

N - Träd, Gräs, och Stenar - The Black Pearl - s/t - Silence
Tim Perkis - Clicks- Artificial Horizons - Artifact
Larry Austin - Tárogató! - Octo Mixes - EMF

Milton Babbitt - Composition for Guitar - Occasional Variations - Tzadik
C - Michael Parsons and Howard Skempton - Piece for Cello and Accordion - Not Necessarily “English Music” - EMF

N - Prey - Green Owl’s Tongue - Always Ahead of the Game

-arcana=weirdo contemporary composition stuff.
-the not necessarily english music comp is pretty fucking awesome. featuring only british recordings from 1960-75 and curated by david toop, there is hardly a bad track here. the duet for banjo and sistern is something that must be heard to be believed.
-robert ashley is a genius. this piece prompted a caller to ask when it was from and then say he hadn't heard it since then. the piece reminded me greatly of the steven jesse bernstein/steve fisk collaboration  
Marching to Hell

Playlist for August 4, 2003 7-10pm

Background: Nino Rota - Concerto di Musiche da Film - Lineatre

Francis Bebey - Bissau - Akwaaba - Original

N - Mediums - Way Out - Out Demons Out - s/r
Daniel Johnston - Wicked World - Early Recordings Vol. 1 - Dualtone
Fire Engines - Everythings Roses - Aufgeladen Undbereit Fur Actuion und Spass
N - This Moment in Black History - The Last Unicorn - Cleveland Finger EP - Exit Stencil
R - Germs - Communist Eyes - s/t - Slash
L Voag - Toilet - The Way Out - Alcohol
Slovenly - Welcome House - Drive it Home, Abbernathy - Ajax
Liasons Dangereuses - El Macho y la Nena - s/t - Hit Thing

Crime - Rock ‘n’ Roll Enemy no. 1 - San Francisco’s Doomed - Solar Lodge
N - Black Eyes - Letter to Raoul Peck - s/t - Dischord
Sunday Puncher - Jury Duty - 7”
Listener - You’re So Underground - Whispermoon - Mush
C - The Uniques - My Conversation - Trojan Rocksteady Box Set - Trojan
Emory Swank - Center City - 7”
N,C - St Moses Choir - Bayahuba Abantwana - Rough Guide to South African Gospel
Blackalicious - The Fabulous Ones - Nia - Quannum
Caetano Veloso - Que Não Sevê (Come Tu Mi Vuoi) - Ommagio a Federico e Giulietta - Nonesuch

Splotch - Fur/Kitty - Two Million F-heads - Menlo Park
N - Sightings - Bishops - Absolutes - Load
N,C - SPK - Slogun - Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music 2 - Sub Rosa
N - Quintron - Mud Bags - Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? - Three One G
N - Tussle - Eye Contact - Eye Contact 12” - Troubleman Unlimited
Gary Numan - Airplane - BBC Sessions - Fuel
R - Fugazi - Break - End Hits - Dischord
Jetsons - Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies 7” - Gulcher
N - Starvations - This is What You Wanted? - Get Well Soon - GSL

C - Ananda Shankar - Streets of Calcutta - Rough Guide to Asian Underground
Yumi Bitsu - track 8 - Golden Vessyl of Sound - K
Eric Dolphy - Glad to be Unhappy - Outward Bound - Prestige
N,C - Southland’s Ladies Quartet - My Loved One’s Waiting for Me - Flowers in the Wildwood - Trikont
Owald 5-0 - A Love Supreme - A Love Supreme 7”
C - Panthro UK United 13 - Safe European Home - Redifiling Music - No Idea
Copernicus - Not Him Again! - Victims of the Sky - Ski
New York Philharmonic - Group Improvisation 3 - Bernstein Century - Sony
Throbbing Gristle - What a Day - 20 Jazz and Funk Greats - Mute

Gang Starr - Code of the Streets - Full Clip: a Decade of Gang Star - Virgin
Candy Machine - Macrobat - s/t - Skene
N - Animal Collective - Panic - Here Comes the Indian - Paw Tracks
The X Seamans Institute - Hog Eye Man - Heart of Oak! - Smithsonian Folkways
Gunga Din - Out to Sea - Introducing… - Tractor Beam
N,C - Sonny Vincent - Psycho ID - Swami Sound System vol. 1 - Swami
N,C - Demolition Doll Rods - Down Home Girl - Singles #2 - Bulb
Flower - Angel - Concrete Sky - Bear/Simple Machines

N,C - Afrika Bambaata and the Soulsonic Force - Looking for the Perfect Beat - Grand Theft Auto Vice City:Wildstyle Pirate Radio - Epic

-I agree with greg that francis bebey is perhaps the most bizarre thing to come out of africa this side of the ethiopique comps.
-early daniel johnston=brilliant. this recording comes from the aptly titled "songs of pain" cd (disk 2 is "more songs of pain") and was recorded in his parents basement between 1979 and 82. there is not a bad song on either cd.
-I finally broke down and bought the trojan rocksteady set after it had been calling to me for a good month or so. there is nothing better than a good rocksteady song. nothing. that song prompted a mini-set of overly happy tunes, ending with the blackalicious, which is a truly wonderful song as well. they didn't lose anything in the transition to a major.
-I played way to much dancy music on this show. it was rather disconcerting. I reached a point where I was like, no I can't play this record, because the beat is too good. and then when I tried to mellow out, I failed and ended up with some fairly strange transitions.
-gary numan is pretty great. a caller wanted to know if it as a gary numan cover and was shocked to hear it was the real deal. there is nothing better than the sound of old analog synths (hence why I also really like the liasons dangereuses record).
-if I could own the entire gulcher discography, I would. everything I've heard on that from the label's initial existance has been amazing. the jetsons were no different. to quote the gizmos, "the midwest can be alright."
-I also need to get more ananda shankar. ravi's nephew made the best indian/electronic fusion I've ever heard. it should be the model for all attempts in that regard. but then everyone's raving about the colaboration between jay-z and that one guy. is it really that great? I haven't heard it, so I don't know.
-orchestras and free improvisation don't really mix, but that new york philharmonic track was a fun little break.
-while 20 jazz funk greats may be wonderful, throbbing gristle first edition should be required listening, if for nothing other than "very friendly," their totally demented yet incredibly infectious take on the velvet underground's "the gift."
-next week is my last show for a little while. I'm going to italy for 3 weeks, but I'll be back in early september. I plan on playing a bunch of jazz next week, since I just dumped a ton of money on a bunch of great jazz records at the record exchange.  

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