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Jazz Playlist for 10-30-02 from 11am-1pm

Leroy Jenkins--Opus/Supo and National Baptist Convention--Solo Concert

Richard Davis--The Rabbi--Forest Flower
n-Sunny Sharrock--Soon--Monkey-Pokie-Boo
Rahsaan Roland Kirk--You Did it You Did--The Man Who Cried Fire

n-David S Ware Trio--Part 3--Freedom Suite
Steve Lacy--Blinks--Raps

Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio--Tazz’s Dilemna--Ethnic Stew and Brew
r-Keith Jerrett Trio--Hallucinations--Whisper Not
Mat Maneri and Randy Peterson--Sunned--Light Trigger

Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano--Hat City Fire Truck--The Hated Music
n-Goodman, Kaiser, and Ligeti--Blind Site--Heavy Meta
John Coltrane--Inida--Impressions

Thelonious Monk--Misterioso---The Best of Thelonious Monk, the Blue Note Years

-Jazz is fun! I need to do this more often.
-Mat Maneri is a violist!!!!!!! I finally found me a jazz violist!!
-I liked absolutely everything I played today. it was great! 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for October 25, 2002, 7-10 pm

Background: El-P--Fantastic Damage Instrumentals--Definitive Jux

n-Monotrona--Cadillac Fantasy--Hawkeye and Firebird--Menlo Park

Hüsker Dü--One Step at a Time/Pink Turns to Blue--Zen Arcade--SST
Balthasar Gerards Kommando--Up to You--A Dutch Feast--Alternative Tentacles
Volume Dealers--Track 6--Puzzle of Epoch
r-Dead Kennedys--Steal Your Mail--Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Techno Animal--Blood Money--Brotherhood of the Bomb--Matador
r-Hüsker Dü--What’s Going On--Zen Arcade--SST

Taraf de Haïdouks--A la Turk--Band of Gypsies--Nonesuch
n-Raymond Scott Orchestrette--The Penguin--Pushbutton Parfait--Evolver
n-Faust--Rittersleut & Anderes (Except 1)--Patchwork--Staubgold
r-Some Velvet Sidewalk--Ice Cream Overdrive--Avalanche--K
Dolomoite--Jinx Baby--…Of the Angels
r-Killdozer--Knuckles the Dog (Who Helps People)--Uncompromising War on Art Under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat--Touch and Go
Cows--Emigrant Song--Efete and Impudent Snobs

r-Anti-pop Consortium--Human Sheild--Arrythmia--Warp
n,r-Q and Not U--Black Plastic Bag--Different Damage--Dischord
n-Diverse--Certified--Build EP--Chocolate Industries
Flipper--Life--Generic Flipper
n-Theoretical Girls--Theoretical Girls (live)--Theoretical Girls
c-King Missle--If Only--Magic Ribbon vol. 1
n-Waylon Jennings--My Baby Walks All Over Me--Phase 1: the Early Years

n-Davis Redford Triad--Hymn of the Virgin Sun Queen--The Mythical Path of the Number Eighty Six
Other Music--The Spirit is Willing--Incidents Out of Context
Erasergun--Fascination--For What We Are About to Receive--Silly Bird
Sonic Youth--Don’t Push It--Sonic Youth--SST
n-The New Creatures--Tension--Media Brainwash--Smog Veil

Psychic TV--The Dweller--Allegory of Self: Illustrations in Sound
r-Bis--Statement of Intent--Intendo--La Grande Magistery
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers--Pirate Love--Lame
n-Oranges Band--My Street--On TV
r-Atom and His Package--Shopping Spree--Redefining Music
Gaunt--Each and Every Side Effect--Sob Story EP
n-Black Dice--Seabird--Beaches and Canyons

n-Alternative TV--The Good Missionary--Vibing Up the Senile Man
r-Devo--Mongoloid--Hardcore Devo vol. 1--Rykodisc
r-Radio Birdman--Murder City Nights--The Essential Radio Birdman--Sub Pop
Jack Oblivian--Robot Lover--American Slang
Gerry Hemmingway--Chatterlings--Electro-Acoustic Solo Works

Dropdead and Pleasurehorse--Side 2--Drop Dead Deconstructed--Load

-This was my first show in 2 weeks, and it felt really good to be back at it.
-I got more requests today than I've gotten in probably the rest of my PRB carreer combined. The best request had to be the killdozer. 

Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for October 4, 2002 from 7-10pm

Background: Various--Electronic Kabuki Mambo--Locust Records

Thorns--Nobody Learns--s/t

n-Mr Lif--Phantom--12”--Def Jux
Arto Lindsay--Mundo Civilizando--Mundo Civilizando
n-Dancing Cigarettes--Pop Doormat--1980-1981--Gulcher
Red Monkey--Bike Song--Difficult is Easy--Troubleman Unlimited
Lucky Sperm--Yes We Can--Somewhat Humerous--Jagjaguwar
Tosca--28/20--La Furia Del Tango
n,c--Reckless Bastards--She’s the Girl in the Car w/ the Glasses and the Gun--The Necessary Effect--Xeroid
Germs--Lexicon Devil--s/t
Brother JT--Watcha Gonna Do--Maybe We Should Take Some More--Birdman

n-Kyle Buckmann, Scott Rosenberg, Michael Zerang--Spark:Spewn--Six Synaptics
Dead Moon--Two Fell Away--Crack in the System
Sick Bees--Sunset--7”
The Shadows--Stingray--Shadows Are Go
c-The Torchbearers--Know They’re You--Resurrection
Boredoms--Okinawa Rasta Beef (Mockin Fuzz)--Pop Totari
Better Off Airport--AARIP--Vivre
n-Urban Renewal Program--Rhythm Out (RJD2 Remix)--Rhythm Out--Chocolate Industries
Eric B and Rakim--I Ain’t No Joke--Paid in Full

Tim Perkis--Abandoned Dacha--Five 7”
r-Can--Spoon--Ege Bamyassi--Mute
n-Komputer--Keep Rocking--Market Led--Mute
US Maple--Babe--Acre Thrills
c-Drain--M.R.--Love and Napalm Vol.2 7”
n-Kitty Brazelton--Dogwood Petals and Harmonies--Chamber Music for the Inner Ear--CRI
n-The Washdown--We Call it Lakima--s/t--Lookout
Sticks and Stones--Along the Way--Storm Coming 7”
Satan’s Pilgrims--Squad Car--At Home With...

Fifty Foot Hose--If Not This Time--Cauldron
Bunny Brains--Mr Tommy H.A.L.(Mix)--Beach Bunny Bingos 10”
Techno Animal--Atomic Buddha--Demonoid 12”
n-The Vacancies--Head Case--Gut Punch--Smog Veil
Von LMO--Ultra Violet Light--Future Language
c-Charlie Cuevias--Do You Wanna Jump--Desperate Rock’n’Roll vol. 4
Boogie Down Productions--Sex and Violence--Sex and Violence
n,c--The Riverboat Gamblers--Don’t Look at Me--Already Gone

Erasergun--Thepunkstrumpet--For What We Are About to Receive--Silly Bird
n,c-The Crew--Why Did You Leave Me Baby?--Kicksville Vol. 2--Norton
r-New Wet Kojak--Do the Math--Number 4 EP

n-Shadow Ring--The Riverside--Lindus

-this was my first full show of the fall schedule. unfortunately, I don't get another one for 2 full weeks. I have an orchestra concert next week, and am preempted by sports on the 18th.
-having the concert calendar at the start of my show is a pain in the ass. guess it could be worse, though
-I really like that erasergun record. good grimy swampish rock. and I generally like the rest of the silly bird stuff as well. they're a pretty decent label who I"m glad we (re)discovered
-that dancing cigarettes record is absolutely awesome. more prb people need to play it. same goes for von lmo
-the shadow ring is positively creepy. and having dr cosmo mess with it at the end, infinitely more creepy

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