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Playlist for January 16, 2003 from 1-5 pm (sub)

Background: Pell Mell - Bumper Crop

n-Matthew Shipp--Equilibrium--Equilibrium--Thirsty Ear

Trust Fund Babies--Can’t Trust Me--7”
Moving Targets--Away From Me--Fall
Fibulator--track 15--Unhammerlike--Silly Bird
n,r-Sugarman 3 and Co--Funky So-and-so--Pure Cane Sugar--Desco
Kinski--Semaphore--Air Above Your Station--SubPop
The Clean--Point That Thing Somewhere Else--In-a-Live

Tony Conrad and Faust--From the Side of Woman and Mankind--Outside the Dream Syndicate--Table of the Elements
Ranaldo and the Loaf--16 Going on 17--...Play Struvé and Snuff
n-Orchestra Baobab--Dee Moo Wóor--Specialist in All Styles--Nonesuch

n-We Ragazzi--Forever Surrender 2 U--The Ache--Self-Starter Foundation
Lungfish--To Whom You Were Born--Sound in Time--Dischord
Kill the Man Who Questions--In His Service--7”
n-Drive Like Jehu--New Math--Yank Crime--Swami
Gone--Peter Gone--Let’s Get Real, Real Gone for a Change--SST
Deerhoof--Littleness--Halfbird--Menlo Park
Vincent Gallo--Cracks--When--Warp

Mountain Goats--New Star Song--Beautiful Rat Sunset 10”
Cocteau Twins--Garland--BBC Sessions--Ryko
n,r--Drive Like Jehu--Bullet Train to Vegas--Yank Crime--Swami
n-Captured by Robots--LA Tonight--s/t
c-Crankshaft--Eleanor--Headstart to Purgatory
c-Puff Tube--Rhythm #2--3128 Seconds over Cleveland
Blackalicious--Passion--Blazing Arrow--MCA
Azalia Snail--Please Don’t Come (Here)--Fmarole Rising

n-Scott Fields Ensemble--Pissed--From the Diary of Dog Drexel
Pointless Orchestra--Concussions--Approaching Totality
The Hanatarash--Anti Satori--4

Roxy Music--The Thrill of it All--Country Life
Bauhaus--Party of the First Part--Swing the Heartache (Peel Sessions)
Throbbing Gristle--Playground--Rafters
Thumbnail--Elktyczne--Red! Dead!
Dillinger 4--Noble Stabbings--Situationist Comedy--Fat Wreck
n-Piranhas--The Great Glitter Nest--Erotic Grit Movies--In the Red
Pagans--Not Now, No Way--Buried Alive
Panthers--Up Against the Wall--Are You Down--Troubleman Unlimited
Polvo--Every Holy Shroud--Celebrate the New Dark Age--Merge
n-Earth--Divine and Bright--Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars Live
Old Time Relijun--Hot Oven--Uterus and Fire--K
n-Zeehas; 12 Wait--I Want Results--To the Maxxxxxxx--s/r
Sly Stone--I Ain’t Got Nobody--Recorded in San Francisco 1964-67
n-Earth Wind and Fire--Mighty Mighty--The Essential--Columbia
c-Cornell Campbell--Music Keep on Playing--Solid Gold From the Vaults vol. 1--Trojan

c-UTFO--Roxanne Roxanne--History of Rap I
TTC--[Je n’arrive pas à] Danser--Ceci N’est Pas Un Disque--Big Dada
n-DJ Vadim--Ghetto Rebel--USSR: The Art of Listening--Ninja Tune
n-Dim Dim--Los Gitanos--Kiwi
n-Dino Felipe--Strictly Genericize--Xanaconversex
n-Safety Scissors vs. Kit Clayton--1-3--Ping Pong--Carpark
Machine Gun TV--Come--Touch

The 1-4-5s--This is How You Rock--Rock Invasion--Estrus
Techno Animal--Toxicity--Radio Hades

-yet another last second sub. only thought I was doing 2 hours, but then had to do 4. hence the raggedness of the second half.
-favorites: Sly Stone, UTFO, Puff Tube, Ronaldo and the Loaf, The Clean, probably more that I can't remember 
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