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Noise to Annihilate a Few Seconds Playlist for November 1, 2002 from 7-10pm

Background: Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, and Mat Maneri--Three Men Walking--ECM

Jandek--Approaching the City--White Box Requiem--Corwood Industries

n-Diverse--Certified--Build 12”--Chocolate Industries
Radio 4--Start a Fire--Gotham--Gern Blandsten
r-Vaz--Amateur Spark Era--Demonstration in Micronesia--Load
Fireballs of Freedom--Viva La Gato--7”--Empty
Richard Hell--Shattered--Time--Matador
Radon--Two Feet--Radon--No Idea

Bullet La Volta--Dead Wrong--Bullet La Volta--Taang!
n-Isis--The Beginning and the End--Oceanic--Ipecac
Gravitar--McCoy (Live)--You Must Learn to Draw the Real
Pitchfork--Drop Dead--Eucalyptus--Nemesis

R.E.M.--Radio Free Europe--Eponymous--IRS
r-French Kicks--Arena--French Kicks--My Pal God
The Boggs--How Long?--We are the Boggs We Are--Arena Rock
n-John Fahey--The Last Steam Engine Train--The Best of John Fahey 1959-1977--Takoma
John Corbett and Heavy Friends--Speed Hump--I’m Sick About My Had--Atavistic
c-Treepeople--Boiled Bird--4 on the Floor 7”
r-The Stooges--Search and Destroy--Raw Power--Columbia

r-Dead Kennedys--Kill the Poor--Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
n-Gogol Bordello--Smarkateh--Multikontraculti vs Irony
Gerty Farish--Rungbutt--Save the Ants 10”
Built to Spill--Reason--There’s Nothing Wrong With Love
n-Microphones--Where It’s Hotter pts 1, 2, 3--Song Island--K
Human Hands--I Got Mad--Human Hands
n-Wire--Read and Burn--Read and Burn 2--Pink Flag
Die Kreuzen--Dirt and Decay--Die Kreuzen--Touch and Go

Tom Waits--Starvin in the Belly of a Whale--Blood Money--Anti
n-Monotrona--Ah, Enemy--Hawkeye and Firebird--Menlo Park
Bombay the Hard Way--Kundan’s Hideout--Guns, Cars, and Sitars
Acme Rocket Company--Hey Hey Hey--Acme Rocket Company/Pell Mell split 7”
Death Ambient--Alchemy--Death Ambient--Tzadik
n-Negativland--Arbory Hill--Death Sentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak--Seeland
Rrope--Jingle Jangle--Mahogonny--Silly Bird

n-Numbers--Tu Life--Numbers/Emergency split 12”
c--ISM--Proud to be Guilty--The Big Apple: Rotten to the Core
Bassholes--Pneumonia--Haunted Hill--In the Red
r-Fugazi--Do You Like Me--Red Medicine--Dischord
r-Ramones--I wanna Be Your Boyfriend--Anthology--Rhino
r-Echo and the Bunnymen--Back of Love--Porcupine
n-Agitated--Living Like Garbage--Go Blue, Go Die--Smog Veil

c-Lightning Bolt--Pee Filled Longstockings--US Pop Life Vol 12, Tribute to Ft. Thunder
n,c-Morty Shan and the Morticians--Movin’ In--Kicksville Vol. 2--Norton

Casper Br?tzmann Massaker--B?hmen--Home--Thirsty Ear

-the last 45 minutes of this show were insanely hectic and I'm not quite sure why.
-just about as many people called in with requests this week as last week, but lots of them were just bad. some guy wanted to hear the new nirvana single. even if we had it, there's no way in hell I'd play it, since it's being played on every other station in the country.
-the vaz was probably the most interesting request of the night.
-I love john fahey. we need to play this record all the fucking time, it's so good!
-I did the top 10 show immediately before this one, which was kinda bizarre.
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