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Playlist for October 31, 2002, 11pm-1:20am

Background: Gregorian Chant

Plunderphonics--z24--69 Plunderphonics 96--Seeland

The Fall--Frightened--Live at the Witch Trials
Throbbing Gristle--Maggot Death--Second Annual Report
United States of America--Coming Down--United States of America
c-Watts-Cool American--Estrus 100% Apeshit Rock Sampler--Estrus
n-Flaming Sideburns--Up in Flames--Save Rock ‘n’ Roll--Jetset
Geezer Lake--Sages--7” picture disk
The Thing--Austere Precautions--10”--Mint Tone

Jimmy Cliff--The Harder They Come--The Harder They Come Sountrack
n-Allen Ginsberg--CIA Dope Calypso--New York Blues--Locust
n,c--Gary Mullis--Recitation About Roy Acuff--Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 2
c-Clarence Ashley--The House Carpenter--Anthology of American Folk Music
n-Bill Monroe--Roanoke--The Very Best of Bill Monroe
John Fahey and his Orchestra--Dry Bones in the Valley--Old Fashioned Love
Fred Frith--The Blood is Black and Yellow--Accidental

Run DMC--My Adidas--Raising Hell
n,c--The Highlighters--Poppin’ Popcorn--Peanut Butter Wolf’s Jukebox 45s
n-Soul Junk--9 Stitches for Broken Fan Belt--1938
Stereolab--Elektro--Low-fi 10”
n,c--William Loughborough--For the Big Horn--Electric Kabuki Mambo--Locust
When People Where Shorter and Lived by the Water--excerpt from side 1--Porgy
Ground Zero--Paraiso 1--Revolutionary Pekinese Opera
Pere Ubu--Life Stinks--The Modern Dance
Roger Miller--Space is the Place--Oh
Siezure--Fuck it Baby--Seriously Delirious
Pussy Galore--Sweet Little Hi Fi--Live: In the Red

n-David Dunn--Wildflowers--Four Electroacoustic Compositions

-This show was a sub after the Strong Little Legs Halloween Marathon. Other that that, no comments 
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