traumatic harmony
the pataphysical study of randomized sound

A pair of ideas that have been bounding around my head in recent times:

-I saw MF Doom about a month and a half ago. The show itself was good enough, but he had a few sidekicks who claimed to be part of the "Megavillain Academy" or something like that. Their rapping was nothing special, not great but not horrible, but I like the concept of a "Megavillain Academy." I imagine it as a rough opposite to, say, Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, turning out archvillains who not only have incredible powers, but can also put together words in their own unique way. I imagine Dr Octagon and Ghostface Killer would be godfather figures, the kind of elder statesmen who would serve as a guiding force along with MF Doom himself.

-There is a concept in human speech and sound creation known as the vowel box. The basic effect is that you keep a steady pitch going in your throat and change the shape of the opening of your mouth to create all the different vowel sounds. It works because of the acoustic nature of speech, with most consonants (with the exceptions of the nasals) being unpitched, modulated noise and all vowels being pitched. Stockhausen uses the vowel box as the basis for his masterpiece Stimmung, combining it with the overtone series and various deities from around the world to create what can only be described as an aural depiction of the meditative "om." However, certain consonants, specifically w and y, are actually combinations of vowel sounds; w goes from the puckered "oo" to the open "uh." In the process of opening your mouth in that transition, you create an entire overtone series from whatever pitch you're basing the w on. It's a strange phenomenon, but when you listen closely, it's definitely there. 
man, that's pretty cool. but at least for me, part of what I like about stimmung, are the fragments of real words...stuff about about ancient gods and ladies' breasts.
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