traumatic harmony
the pataphysical study of randomized sound
an observation and an apology

First off, for my 5 readers, I'm sure you've noticed a dearth of posts in recent times. I've been writing my Princeton thesis for the past little while and will continue to be writing it until April 15. After that, I promise to post more often.

And now an observation. I've been thinking about Built to Spill's "There's Nothing Wrong with Love" a bunch recently. It is arguably the best indie-pop album of the 90s; I'll put it up against anything else that anyone wants to throw at me. But what is it about this record that makes it so wonderful? It's because this is the record that Big Star would have made had they been a mid-90s indie band. Doug Marsch and co were clearly listening to #1 Record and Radio City a bunch when creating this. The album is imbued with a sense of 70s a.m. radio, both in the song structures, the pacing of the record, and the track order. The dramatic arc works. Also, their choice of guitar tones and riffs jives quite well with what Alex Chilton's folks did. The vocals are the place where the analogy falls apart, since Marsch will never have Chilton's caterwaul. 
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